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  2. I make these from time to time for friends:
  3. Been a while since I had something to post, so just a little monday morning DoB Supercharged SGT #1197 love from Holland!
  4. Shouldn't have posted their info here...as it's now probably ruined for everyone.
  5. Please stop posting where you get these in public (there is a reason i usually only do so in pm), you guys always manage to ruin stuff like this by doing so and then shelby finds out and sends their lawyer for copyright stuff and the fun is over...and one less place to get our stuff from out of not many in the first place. This is the reason i dont share alot of places i get this kind of stuff from. Take it off please
  6. No need to give him a size, he will know what size if you say trunk or steering wheel emblem. I order stuff from him all the time, i even had him make small coil pack emblems ^^
  7. Hope not, just spent outrageous amounts buying one from someone after 2 years of searching for one ^^
  8. The license route is a long and tedious route...i predict you will give that up after a couple of months if trying Id buy berg snake SGT branded soft goods though if someone offered them definately
  9. I think you are free to bid on it if you want it, thats why its on ebay ^^
  10. You will have to become a Team Shelby member and join one of the USA regions and buy one from that region. You won't find these on ebay or in shops.
  11. Well, 3 years of active searching (facebook groups, forums, shops etc) with 0 luck, almost 3000$ worth of 'wrong v6' grilles which were sold to me as 'v8' versions. And now a friend in the USA decided to sell me his spare (the one with light holes in it though, but I will fix that by replacing the mesh). You will have to have very deep pockets and ALOT of patience OR luck to find one i'm afraid.
  12. So I managed to get a hold of a CS8 grille, it is the version with light holes in it. I want the version without light holes in it. So I figured I could replace the mesh, so I have the version without the holes in it But I want the EXACT same mesh, and it's hard to find. Anyone did this before (i think it can't be hard to replace mesh) and knows the exact mesh that is used and where to get it? Thanks!
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