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  1. Pics should work at this link Did not work.... lol
  2. Sorry guys, I am having trouble loading pictures. The site says they are too big. Torched, Thanks for the info, I'll look into him. I was also thinking of going to the next local caffeine and octane car show and literaly putting a band aid on the dent with a sign asking for referral / reference to good body shop. So many varied cool cars and car people at that event, I figure it would be a good location for leads.
  3. Ugh! Need Body Work Advice.... Yes the unbelievable happened. My 2014 Ruby Red Shelby GT500 with only approximately 10k miles was backed into while legally parked. Very slow speed impact, bumper of the offending car contacted driver rear quarter panel in front of wheel. No damage to the Mustang door, but the crisp metal work line in the lower valance area is pushed in. (Photos will be attached, i thought i had some on this ipad, but do not currently) I got a quick estimate from Ford body shop. Due to the metal detail they think it needs a new quarter panel. About $4.5k. I want the repair to be as perfect as possible, i.e. even with correct original door stickers I am open to advice and experienced referrals. Located in Atlanta area.
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