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  1. We have some really bad weather for a rear wheel drive car. We drive our F150 most of the time, because it has AWD ability. It all comes down to what you intend to do with your Shelby. Keep miles down and enjoy it when the weather allows. Or drive the heck out of it and hope for the best with all the idiots on the road !
  2. Nice shot of the Boardwalk in the background. What a location for the snakes to get a picture. 45 yrs there....
  3. I sent a message on eBay to him requesting the CSM #. Haven't gotten a response. Wonder why ?
  4. That's a good statement about the little clauses in the policies. No timed events or track coverages are provided. Also, Grundy didn't have a mileage restriction and our Barrett Jackson gives you a choice. You can choose 1k,3k,or 5k miles a year. Of course pricing goes significantly up with more miles. We did save $250.00 a year over our Grundy ins. by going with the 1k program through BJ.
  5. Hagerty is not interested in insuring newer cars. They are primarily for the "classics". Grundy does newer cars and Barrett Jackson has an insurer that does newer cars also. Hagerty was 2 - 3 times what Grundy wanted to insure our Shelby. We'll be at this years bash.
  6. Since the build out of ours to the Hole Shot Pkg. 980hp we have had Grundy. The agreed value had to have receipts to be within the $150k that we wanted. The other was pictures and yes that included the trunk. That reason is as stated by another about Nitrous bottles. We live in a state with exempt plates and they come with restrictions. Same as our insurance, too and from car shows, car club events and repair shops. No daily driving. The other requirement was 100k and 300k coverage on all other vehicles. It does come at a cost $1875.00 a year, but what's the cost to replace it ?
  7. Always a great time with great people. We have a lot of fun and good eats. See you all soon !
  8. Glad to hear SAI crew and staff are all ok. Extremely sorry for the extent of injuries that occurred to innocent people.
  9. Got the market cornered on GTH and Black and Gold. Beautiful collection.
  10. Congratulations in joining the Shelby family. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy the car and always watch out for the idiots on the road !!
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