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  1. I spoke to American Racing last week and one of their customer service reps told me that they do not have any plans to make the 20" American Racing Shelby Razor wheels that were initially put on the 07 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary mustangs. Apparently there was a huge fallout between Shelby and American Racing.
  2. RMCR 719 574-0625 I am having my new MGW installed there Tuesday.
  3. flynn929


    2007 ShelbyGT500 40th Anniversary
  4. I'm having it tuned on Tuesday and I went my a mgw short throw shifter. Also considered having the satin silver stripes out back on the car. I'm not sure why someone would take them off.
  5. Tungsten grey metallic is the color for all the 40th anniversary cars right?
  6. Shelby performance parts, I didn't find the silver stripe kit for sale on the website?
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I found out a previous owner had the racing stripes removed. Everything else is stock.
  8. Thank you. Anyone know how Ford can reorder rear brake duct kit?
  9. I own CSM07XL0215, which is Torch Red 1 of 20 stock HP coupes. It's a great car with only 31,00K original miles.
  10. Does anyone know how many 07 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary Torch Red non-racing stripes were made? I have one and I was told there were only 20 made, I just want to make sure the facts are straight.
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