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  1. Hi, Went for drive SAT. morning and before I left the house I did see a red box with the plus sign was lit. I figures since I haven't drove the car that much maybe it would go off after a few miles in which it did. About 10 miles later these things start happening: 1. CD player started to cut out 2. ABS lights comes on 3. Other misc. lights start to come. Now I'm freaking out and just trying to make it back home. I'm 4 miles from home on the freeway and now all gauges RPM and speedo are gone, windows will not roll up. NOTE: I had a new Ford battery in March 17-2017. I put the charger on all day and it appears the electrical is OK. Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks for any and all help!!! Billy PHx az UPDATE: I ran the battery down to Ford and they stated it is good working order so it must be the alternator. Anybody recommend a a shop to replace it, I'm real picky about the car or leaving it anywhere. Thanks Bill
  2. Hi, Just received my 1st SSnake 2007 and i notice even with only 5K miles the driver side hood pin is do loose it appears while driving it would fall off or come loose. Is ths easy to replace due to that it is riveted? Billy
  3. Boys, Who have you found to insure your collector for a stated amount at a reasonable price? At $85K they quotes $1053.00 Grundy which is Philadelphia Ins co. Thanks BR
  4. Hi Boys, Just got my 1st SS and while inspecting the car Tuesday night I found one of the hood pin releaase is do weak it would fall out! I ordered 4 new black hood pins off E-Bay and I'\,am for now rolling those stock pin inside the hood because if one fell out I could see it slapping off the hood ( scary)... Black 07 w/ red/blk int, 725 ponies!! The fastest Ford for me to date was my 2005 FordGT- Black stripe delete..sold in 2010 for $160K damn it looks like I left a whole bunch of $$$$$$ on the table..
  5. Home depot sells a good heat gun. I removed the lower stripe on my 2008 Shelby and did the same on my 2005 Ford GT I sold in 2008. I think the look is much cleaner with out the stripe. I Then used Goo off to remove the adhesive. If you don't that then try denatured Alcohol but it might take longer. I also use mineral spirts and sometimes that will work too. Good luck
  6. 2008 Shelby GT 500 RED ROCKET PACKAGE
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