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  1. The company I am working for is in Humble, just north east of the city. We will be moving house into that region.......
  2. Thanks Steve, appreciate you pointing me in the right direction
  3. Anyone tell me if there is a Team Shelby Region that covers Houston, TX. Currently in PA and part of the Northeast Region Thanks, Dave
  4. hey Guys, I am a new member to the Team, a plan on registering my car and being at the event, do you guys park together as the northeast team or random?
  5. Yes sir. I am not going to show either, planning to walk around and enjoy a drink or two.
  6. The car show is around all of the town centre streets, they close the whole thing down. here is a link, http://www.doylestownatdusk.com/
  7. Dave Clarke

    Car Shows

    Is anyone planning and showing there cars at Lansdale under the Lights on 27th June, or Doylestown at dusk on 18th July?
  8. Hey, I am brand new member to team shelby. Moved into Doylestown PA from the UK and bought my first shelby a couple of months ago. Would like to join you guys when you meet up.
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