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  1. Man it is so good to read from you. Yes I moved to Vegas and am less than 2 miles from Shelby American. Rarely driven 0104 has 7K miles on it and most sudden it is suffering a mystery illness. Chris has the primary mechanic attempting to figure out what is wrong and cure it. The K-Bell was sent to SoCali for diagnosis and came out of testing perfect. So now the mystery illness and diagnosis continues. As I knew and realized the main mechanic and I mean "The Man" as with Chris are of course working with a full shop that continues to increase. So as they can, serious work goes 0104. We need to reconnect with personal email so as to communicate on a more personal level. I notice your being a regional director which obviously is very cool. I will return to your YouTube web site and send you some info. You tell me where and when Shelby events you attend and I will be there. And I can assure you I have done nothing 0104 and have no idea whatsoever what is wrong. The car is just not driven and sits. I assure I want drive the hell out of it.
  2. Awesome, I want you to know I understand why you sent this. Good vs Evil and Evil is an absolutely outstanding, utterly beautiful, out of this world creation. I absolutely love this creation. I so do love it. Thank You for thinking of me. I live in Vegas SS104 is being tank in at Shelby for repair. Chris Ruby and Company (Shelby) named it the Space Ghost. Please do keep in touch and Thank You very much. RTodd
  3. Man I keep coming back to your awesome build. Well Done!
  4. Excellent my friend, sorry I've been under the radar. Keep "Them" coming. Will email you. Still believe the Germany idea is a good. I can not do it with out you Bro.
  5. Sorry I'm so late getting back to you, Thank you for your very kind remarks ie "Comp". RTodd
  6. Well it all began with Ford Country of Las Vegas (Dan Jones) on 11.22.2013 and almost one year later exactly, Ralph at Shelby American notified me today that "IT'S READY" YA HOO !! !!!. I have Attached Pics. Museum Delivery first week of December. It is exactly everything as I wanted and Ralph along with Team Shelby American Built.
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