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  1. K thanks. Prolly gonna put long tubes and an offroad X pipe on. What's a good combo for that??? And what's a good axle back exhaust???
  2. I'm abt to put an offroad X pipe on my 06 mustang gt. I also want to put long tube headers on too. I'm in NC so we do have the obd II inspection (sniff). Also I have a sct x4 tuner so I can enter in rear cat delete. any help yall have abt a good combo that will gain me some horses would b great!!! Thx in advance
  3. Why should the mufflers go bac on the car??? Just curious
  4. I have an 06 mustang gt. I have installed a jlt series 3 cai and a preloaded 93 octane tune from my sct x4 tuner. I have also removed the stock mufflers from the car and have no mufflers at this time. I am looking some more blot on he. Enough is never enough lol. Could u please post ur experience with mods and what mods I should invest in. Thx in advance!!!
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