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  1. Are u fucking serious?!? Bearbo, nice name , quit being gay and get a life. Besides diagrams and 3 years of having a gt500 doesn't make you an expert. How much wrench time did u put into it? I'm not talkin about changing the oil either. You guys need to get laid. Take care fags
  2. Dude, don't take it personally. I'm looking for someone that has taken apart our whole exhaust system and saw every part to save me the trouble of doing it myself. I find drawings can be misleading at times.
  3. Thanks for the tips fellas. Snoopy, no offense, but I'm hoping someone could tell me from personal experience.
  4. I took a peak under my 2014 GT500s skirt and didn't notice any resonators in the exhaust system. Does anyone know if the 2014 GT500 have resonators in the exhaust system? What about restrictor plates? I like the stock sound of my GT500, just want it a bit louder. Any exhaust upgrades that sound like stock, but louder?
  5. I am planning on upgrading my exhaust system, but I have a few questions before I start picking and choosing what I want to purchase. Are the stock catalytic converters hi-flow? What is the exhaust system pipe with from the cat back? 3"? How many chambers does the stock GT500 muffler have? Does anyone know where there's a sound click of a stock GT500 with resonators deleted? Any help would be appreciated.
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