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  1. Shelby GT Lower Grille update! We are still waiting to hear back from manufacturer for lower grille! We are not the only ones facing longer than normal lead times. We have spoken to other companies and they are having the same issues. PIAA Light Kits! The PIAA light kits will start shipping on 03/02/20! We found a better/easier way to mount the foglight and want to make installation simple and easy. IMPORTANT: There are only (4) Fog Light Kits left, we will not be doing anymore of these once the last 4 are gone. New Products Update! We are working on producing a new version of the CS8 grille that does not have the fog light openings! It is the design phase and some amazing guys at Scott Drake re-engineering this for us. Finally we are waiting for quotes for the next set of items which are: CS8 Grille (Currently Working), Shelby Gas cap door (Black & Silver), Faux Gas cap cover on rear 07-09 Shelby GT Owners: - We are still waiting on quotes to start the process of reproducing parts for your vehicles!
  2. Orion, These are also the original instructions from Shelby!
  3. Pre-orders take time and that is why they are "Pre-Orders." We dont have thousands of dollars to spend on remanufacturing these parts so that is why we have to do pre-orders! They do take time and sometimes the timeline slips because of shipping issues, but trust when I say we are doing our best to make sure it is getting done and everyone is happy!
  4. Orion, These are also the original instructions from Shelby!
  5. All, Lower grilles should arrive shortly! We are just waiting on a tracking number and yes the lower grilles are made in the U.S. We are doing our best to make sure everything is redone to specs and manufacturers. Thank you for your time and support. We do post a lot on Facebook and Instagram, just an FYI! We currently have the engine caps, bezels, and brake Duct kit in stock! Get yours at www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store
  6. Orion, The original parts were made in China and these are the exact parts done by the original manufacturers.
  7. We are looking for your feedback in what parts you need for your Shelby GT! Also, be sure to see what is available by going to We have the lower grille, engine caps, and bezel! https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store.html#/
  8. We are looking for your feedback in what parts you need for your Shelby GT! Also, be sure to see what is available by going to https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store.html#/
  9. Carroll Shelby Racing has secured the Shelby GT license. We will be having Scott Drake remanufacture the original parts. To stay up to date check out the links below: https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store.html#/ https://www.facebook.com/CarrollShelbyRacing/
  10. Carroll Shelby Racing has secured the "Shelby GT" license and we are starting to get parts remanufactured by Scott Drake! To stay up to date with our progress you can click the links below: www.carrollshelbyracing.com https://www.facebook.com/CarrollShelbyRacing/
  11. All, Carroll Shelby Racing has acquired the license for the 07-08 Shelby GT's. We will be having Scott Drake remanufactured the parts you guys/gals are looking for. To stay up to date and see if the parts your looking for are available check us out at https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store.html#/
  12. Chris, That is our goal, but it cant be done for free so we are offering parts that people can get now until we can make updates. I personally installed this kit on my 2007 Shelby GT race car and it works perfectly.
  13. Personally, I am a Shelby owner, driver, Team Shelby Director and love all things Shelby. We want to offer the Shelby/mustang community a place to come to get what they need for the track, car shows, etc. With the support of Shelby American behind us we making strides to help bring back some hard to find parts for the Shelby community. I hope this helps to answer your questions and we appreciate your support.
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