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  1. Great job on the interior upgrades, the Recaro seats are highly sought after. Not a fan of the color combo, but to each his own.
  2. Beautiful color combo, I have the same...great people on this forum. Welcome to the team!
  3. That's good to hear, the Shelby community generally is always willing to help another fellow Shelby owner. Luckily I don't need the 3.73 gears as my 12' already has them because of the Svtpp, so SA won't need to be making any modifications to my pinion gears if I choose to have my GT500 Snaked.
  4. Ughh....hearing stuff like this really puts my stomach in knots! I truly hope they get it sorted out for you and I'm glad you didn't get hurt.
  5. Whoa, I'm so sorry to hear that....prayers go out to your family. I've been looking at the possibility of SS'ing my GT500 but I'm open to the possibility of purchasing a "used" one. Can you please post pictures of it? And list the HP/blower package and other options?
  6. Wow, other than the new rotors lasting longer I don't see how the new slotted rotors are better than the older slotted/drilled rotors, especially at dissipating heat. The new rotors have a more pure type of iron and carbon, and are only slotted NOT drilled. Sales rep says they will build up more heat than the old parts, and will wear out the BP-20 pads more often, but is a better product and will last longer, less likely to warp than the slotted/drilled rotors. I ordered a set of the new front rotors from Summit Racing, cost of $264 each and some new pads, $100 for the front set. I will update the thread once I get them installed and tested out.
  7. Beautiful! I love the white with black stripe combo, I'm so happy that your gorgeous SS made it to you without any major damage, a miracle indeed. How long did it take SA to build your SS? I hope your enjoying "lucky"
  8. The older SGT didn't really pique my interest like the GT500 did, anyhow GLWS
  9. You were able to have a repair done under the ford factory warranty? The supersnake conversion didn't void your ford factory warranty?
  10. I just read about the GT500 price hike in the newsletter, I gotta admit I wasn't to thrilled about it. Does anyone know if the new price increase only affects the KB 850hp option or does it affect the lesser hp package's as well? Basically, is this a price hike on all SS package's for 07-14 Shelby's?
  11. Has anyone had any experience with the Ford approved Amsoil 5w50?
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