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  1. Going 80 I get 21.9 average...with the whipple
  2. This October will be four years of ownership for me, and other than change the oil out pretty regularly, I haven't don't much for maintenance. Now, I can read the manual like everyone else, and I have...but I was wondering what everyone else recommend? -transmission fluid change? -fuel filter? -plugs (current plugs have 8K on them...two years since whipple) -oil again? anything else? thanks!
  3. I've been to LT performance, nice guys. They did some suspension work for me on one car, and on the other pulled the blower, had it updated @ Whipple, and did some install stuff. Can't speak to their tuning.
  4. Has anyone bought the FRPP SVTPP 19" wheels yet? I am curious about the color, if they are darker or lighter than the SVTPP wheels. They look a little lighter to me online...
  5. I had discount tire install the new shoes today. In the front I went with 275/40/18 NT 555r's, and in the rear Nitto NT05's in 295/35/18. There may be a little too much sidewall in front, the rears look a ton better. Oh well, next time I will change it up a bit. Regardless, it rides great and I have a ton more traction. Also, all of the tires fit great. Lets see if I can get some pics to load.
  6. Well, I dropped my car off at Five Star today, they are gonna take a look at it. I have to say the guys there seem awesome, they too recommended LT Motorsports if they can't find they problem. It really sounds like a vacuum leak, hopefully they find it! I will call the LT motorsports guys once I have word from the dealer. Thanks everyone for the help! Once I get settled at work hopefully some of us can meet up. I need to learn more about Dallas, feel like a total newb.
  7. These are gonna be on the stock rims. I ordered the NT05 in 295/35/18 (not the R, they do make it in that size), and 275/40/18 for the front. Hopefully they will work great, I will let everyone know!
  8. Need new tires something fierce, and I have read about, oh 30 threads about them, but is anyone running the INVO or NT05 in 295/35/18? A little less sidewall, but wider and pretty grippy. Thinking of this with 555 is the front. Thanks!
  9. We bought a home in North Dallas, off Preston near Brentfield elementary. I don't think it is a heat issue, it does it in the morning too right when it is turned on, although it is easier to do after warming up. Taking it to Ford Friday, then if they can't fix it it is going to Quantum Monday for data logging, or possibly to somewhere else if I can figure out who installs a bunch of whipples in Dallas.
  10. Well, I will try the dealer out and let you know! I have heard good things about reed speed too.
  11. Well, after two more days of driving, I have some more info about what happens. After long periods of crusing, when I pop the clutch from 2K+ the car stalls. The revs simply swing down to zero and the car stalls out. If I walk the gears down, then I can keep the car from stalling, BUT the revs dip to 500 or so and then bounce up and down. It is definitely worse after cruising but still present when the car is cold. Elevation and gas have not affected it. Otherwise the car is running really well. Going to the dealer Friday.
  12. Well, I am taking it to Five Star Ford in Plano on Friday, I will see how it goes...
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