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  1. Hey Bill, We will meet you guys at the hotel. Joe
  2. Dave, You guys did an AWSOME job! We had a Great time! My wife and I enjoyed the cruise the most. The route was very scenic, fun to drive and Gettysburg was cool. Looking forward to next year!
  3. My car was so dirty last year after Summit Point I had to find a self serve car wash. I saved my waterless wash for after the Poker Run to Carlisle. LOL.....LIke Sheppd01 said.
  4. I would be in on this if i'm available that weekend. Almost 2 hours away for me but I like driving the Shelby Joe
  5. Hmmm....I thought they all came with the 3.6 Kenne Bell Supercharger....
  6. Excellent! Thanks Steve.....been watching for this! 2011 Kona Blue SSSE :happy feet: Joe
  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary and Vince for the first time at a track day last year in Las Vegas. We got to drive different Shelby's and ride with Gary and Vince. Both of these guys are outstanding individuals! I did have some damn fun riding with both of them! I let Gary drive my Shelby at Summit Point in June as part of the 2016 Northeast Regional meet. He showed me what my car can do while taking some care not to abuse it too bad (if you know Gary, that took some serious restraint). Congrats to all of them! Joe
  8. Google "Sync lockpick" I have been looking at that for mine. Joe
  9. Hey Bill, I may try and make it. Missed you at the SAAC Northeast Regional Event this year.
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