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  1. Yellow 1970 Boss 302.........DROOOOOLLLL........
  2. I agree that the Boss 302 is a car to keep an eye on! Just the name alone conjures up good memories. I personally like the stripe package on the 2013 model ( reminds me of my favorite 1970 model ). Had I been one of the big lottery winners this past week, you better believe one of these would have been in my garage!!
  3. Was just offering the guy a choice. It's just a cool dealer mod car similar to Galpin, Yenko, Skillman, Tasca.......nothing more, nothing less. Easy to cruise ( 540hp, shifter, exhaust), rare ( 1 of 37 according to Ford ), and unique enough to turn a few heads in a world full of "striped" Shelbys. Not twisting any arms here. Good luck in your search,@TEvans...... I usually run across a few GT/SC on Ebay.
  4. I guess I should have stated, "ordering a special KR from SAI was considered"......since they were all brand new GT500's built in Flat Rock and shipped to Las Vegas for "conversion" Sorry for the confusion. Oh, I was able to edit my post....check.
  5. Yes, I have been in touch with SAI and you are correct....it is "officially" only a GT500 modified by the dealer. No GT500R were ever produced by SAI. It was a special-ordered, no option, 1 of 37 Torch Red Stripe-Delete car, customized by the dealer for a good customer who collected stripped-down "sleeper cars" (hemi Belvedere, COPO Camaro, Boss 429).....as per the second owner who I did speak with. Ordering a special KR from SAI was considered for increased performance, but dropped due to "flashy" options the original owner did not want. I give the dealer credit for producing a nice, neat, professional package for a customer.....making it a very unique ride for us subsequent owners.
  6. I am the third owner of the car, so I don't have all the details, but with the paperwork that is still with the car, it looks like it was issued an 08KR**** number, but then cancelled and sent to dealer for final modification. It's a very interesting car with some cool, unseen touches that have made the car a real joy to own. It is still in almost perfect factory condition, top to bottom.
  7. GREAT color combination.....maybe not a high horsepower car, but it looks great! V8 and a stick shift.....what else do you need??
  8. It's a "KR without any of the flashy expensive options" (just a figure of speech!).....only KR tune & CAI, KR shifter, KR exhaust, larger standard rear spoiler, front brake cooling.....none of the shiny wheels, flashy stripes or carbon fiber......custom ordered for a gentleman who collected "sleeper cars". Note: custom built by dealer for customer....NOT SAI
  9. Well, you know those 6 speed manual executive cars will always be higher priced and more "desirable"..... not to mention they won't have any 1/4 mile rental miles on them.....
  10. Owners around this area like the Centerforce DYAD # 04115705, so I guess there are several good choices.
  11. Most excellent......hope you have good luck with it......VERY good color combo.......and for the performance dollar AND the Shelby name, you did good!!
  12. Good year......good miles.....pretty solid and reliable cars. As stated, have them fix the leak as part of the deal because that is a very reasonable asking price.
  13. I may LOOK like Charlie Brown......but YOU are definitely getting the "Charlie Brown treatment"!!! I've just read through this whole post and MY blood pressure is up 40 points! Is the shop doing your work called "Lucy Industries".......because they keep pulling the ball away from you every time you try and kick it!! Thank you for reminding me NOT to undertake any projects whatsoever at my age.........and in return, I am sending you all the good luck I can muster! It WILL be nice to someday see this car finished and in action on the racetrack!
  14. Shelby American in Las Vegas is also a nice (FREE) tour of museum and assembly area.....this is the NEW facility just off the strip on the south end. I go almost every year because they always change the display cars and the tour guide is a very nice gentleman who knew Carroll personally......some great stories!! (and as they say....."you can't do better than free")
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