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  1. devincobra


    At the dealer leaving for Vegas!
  2. It turned out beautiful!!!!! We can't wait to see ours!!!! Its tore apart right now
  3. Very exciting to see others with the signature edition on here!!! We were told our car went on the rack today!!! We are beyond thrilled to get it home!!!! 2014 sterling Gray with glass roof!!!!
  4. Wow....not good. Sorry bud. Maybe they will make it up to you.
  5. I can't wait till ours gets done!!!! Wish there were more people posting pics of them!
  6. That's beautiful!! Our car is there in line!!!! Not even on the rack yet we are stoked though can't wait to go see it!!! Keep the pictures coming we haven't found anymore of the 50 cars to see!!!
  7. How cool to have a driver teach you! I probably ought to do the same. I know exotic cars are popular and usually for the elite bank accounts but as for me, if I won the lottery I would still have a mustang!
  8. Yes its getting the 3.73 there at Shelby!!! Wouldn't trust anyone else!!! Can't wait to see how she handles!
  9. We don't know if this is the only signature with this particular package, guess we will see when we get there!!!
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