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  1. well, if you haven't gotten the email yet...looks as if we are cancelled. Super bummed....Maybe it will only be postponed
  2. Just received an email saying the bash is postponed/canceled. Bummer
  3. so are we having track day at spring mountain, but have to go LVMS for the trill ride? never mind, i see we are not going to spring mountain, for track day but to LVMS
  4. just got all my registration - track days and hotel done and then read this..wow - I got my helmet!!!!
  5. I am saving the dates. We met at the Vegas Bash. Looking forward to it.
  6. I don't know what car is coming, I just know I am
  7. While I think the suspension is a big improvement and a difference in the engine. I got my 500 because of the retro look. I think the newer 350's are good looking cars, but the retro is the one I want in my driveway. I have tracked it and it does good enough for me. So I get it,
  8. the only thing I know about is the coolant change. There are two cooling systems to service on the car. The supercharger and the engine. If anyone knows of more I too will be anxious to hear.
  9. I would check with a body shop. There are companies out there that can make a damaged dash or door panel look brand new. I had a body shop here rebuild a door panel in my Bronco because no replacement part was available and it came out great. The same guy took care of a cigarette burn on the dash of my F350. Totally gone. I don't know the magic he used, but impressive for sure.
  10. Congratulations. I would say welcome back but it sounds like you never left. Those F1's didn't work on a cold day here in Arizona, so I cant imagine someplace that has winter.
  11. If all goes well, I will bring the Cobra. I like to play on that track and it would be fun to take a different car. It will be a new learning experience for sure. Should hit the road again next week. New aluminum 427 big block stroked to a 482. I always have the GT500 for backup. Cant wait.
  12. I don't drive mine enough to know in the top of my head, but if you have the screen, is there a settings? Also, the settings where the light preferences are have any timer?
  13. I am curious. While I have been attending with my GT 500, how out of place, or un-cool, would it be to bring a Superformance 427 Cobra? I am in the process of a new engine and would like to play with it on the track like I have with the Shelby. I know Hillbanks is always well represented there so I figure all is good, but I thought I would ask.
  14. Most of the time, we get on theses forums when we are looking to buy, excited for our order or are having a problem. So I ask those that are just out enjoying them, where are they now? When I was researching my potential car I must have read all the posts. I get the car , 2012 GT500, in 2014 with 5k on the clock and I am excited and re reading because now I am one of you. I bought lots of Shelby T shirts and hats, but last time in Vegas, I pointed to the walls in there and said to my wife, see, I don't have every shirt and hat. Mostly I just drive it. For me it is a weekend cruiser. I have only put on 16,000 miles. I live in Arizona and it has been on a couple trips to get those miles. I have been doing the Shelby bash in Vegas each year and playing on the track with other Shelbys, Drove to Sonoma Cal for a Shelby event, two track days and drove it home along the coast highway. Became a member of a local performance driving club and got in a few more track days. Take it to cruise in's, hang with some Mustang guys, basically take it out just to enjoy it, not to get from point A to B. The only modifications have been, DOT 5 brake fluid and decorative side scoops, like the 60's cars had. I do not see a need to modify it. But in fairness, I have a reproduction 427 Cobra, that does get modified, so that itch is scratched. As the car has been so trouble free and I am not constantly modifying it, I find I am not on here as much. However I have not lost the excitement of the car. It is as much fun now as when I got it. I can't wait for the next bash, but........... I just might bring the cobra. So, how about you?
  15. I to keep looking for new posts here and haven't seen much. I have had one Phoenix track day since the bash. A few show and shine trips. Mine stays stock so my big repair has been a battery. That's not very exciting but, I'm still here.
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