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  1. One example, they drilled THROUGH a rear control arm to run the ebrake cable.
  2. Oh sweet, glad you saw it. I going to fly out there in the spring to see the new shop and meet them in person. They'll have my car for the winter.
  3. My recommendation to anyone that has had a Super Snake package, or anything significant done by Sean Hyland Motorsports is to get their cars checked for safety issues. A lot of the Sean Hyland Motorsports cars that have ended up at Shelby Canada West should not have been on the road, let alone driven hard. Everyone involved is hoping that all the owners that had issues with Sean Hyland were vocal about it and had the cars shipped to Alberta to be made right. We hope that there aren't people driving around in unsafe vehicles.
  4. Shelby Canada West found about 20 things wrong with my Sean Hyland Build....... We haven't gotten into the engine yet.
  5. The car is going to be heading to Shelby Canada West to fix the mess that Sean Hyland Motorsports made of the car. SAI will be covering the costs on this one... SAI and I had a bumpy start while we figured out each others personalities for communications, but I think we're on the same page now and things are progressing. I won't get into everything that is wrong with the car, but we're talking bolts missing type of stuff.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have had as well. Sometimes I think I'm too anal, but then I see others have experienced the same sort of thing and I realize I just want what I paid for. Shelby is sending me a properly badged intercooler shortly, and my local Ford Dealer will install it. I'm going to have my local Ford dealer redo the hood and stripes, Shelby will apparently foot the bill on that. We think my car has low dyno numbers, but who knows if the sheet that came with my car was actually the dyno for mine.......
  7. My car was delivered to me today, so that chapter of my life is over. Sean Hyland Motorsports is easily the worst bunch of human beings I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I wouldn't take a go-kart to them, I have documented 17 lies I was told over the course of my build. I recorded all the phone calls I had with them, so I have a lot of smoking guns. Sean is a horrible man and I wish him nothing but failure for his business. There are 5-6 other people that probably feel the exact same way I do. As others have said, Shelby pulled his authorization and he won't be allowed to look at another car. There are still things not right with my car, I have no idea how it passed an "inspection". 1) The hood looks like it was buffed by a 3 year old with sandpaper, I have compound burn all over it. A few areas are not going to buff out, the hood will have to be repainted. 2) There are scratches in the striping, that will have to be redone. 3) The intercooler is improperly badged. It should say "Super Snake", but it says "Shelby". He was too lazy to order a new stencil and decided to just bs me about it and blame Shelby. 4) They scratched the lower rear of the car near the passenger side rear tire. 5) The car wasn't cleaned. 6) He took my weathertech mats, I'd like them back. 7) He removed my stone guards for the front wheel well, I'd also like them back. Those are just the things I saw on the first quick look over, I will probably see more in the sun tomorrow. Shelby has promised they're going to make things right, but so far my communication (or lackthereof) doesn't make me all that confident that they will follow through. 72 hours to reply to an email is ridiculous in 2015, especially for customers that feel their $60,000 investment in the car wasn't taken seriously and in the end is Shelby's fault for not properly auditing their authorized service shops. If anyone has an email address that works for Joe Conway, the CEO of Shelby American, please pass it on. The ones I have just bounce back. Honestly, I'm being kind.
  8. I've heard nothing but good things about the folks at Shelby Canada West.
  9. Still no car. If anyone else has one of the "trapped" cars at SHM, please reach out. SAI hasn't been all that helpful (communication is subpar), even though they say the right things.
  10. I talked to SAI today, I learned a lot of things. I'm hoping they can get things expedited, and I get can get to the car where it should be (my garage) and have a future support system in place for maintenance.
  11. I still haven't gotten my car back (Over 9 months)......
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