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  1. Update: Tried to have a crank re-learn done and the car is misfiring on cylinder 7. We did a relative compression test and cylinder 7 is 4% off from the rest of the cylinders. Swapped out the spark plugs because cylinder 7's was bent. After new spark plug it ran fine for 10 minutes and then started to misfire again. Pulled the new spark plug and it was bent just like the one before. We can believe that the piston would be hitting the spark plug but don't know what else would be hitting it so consistently. Were going to pull the head and figure out whats going on. So for now the Shelby is down. If i build it, does anyone have suggestions on brands or pistons and rods?
  2. I didn’t think about that.. you would think Lund would have told me that they needed to do a retune with a new flywheel? I’ll shoot them a message Monday. appreciate it!
  3. Need all of your help. 2010 Shelby. Put a 2.3L TVS on it. 2.4 pulley. 72lbs injectors. New Iridium colder plugs. intake. Twin 66 tb. Header. Xpipe. Bap. Bmr and Viking suspension. Tuned by Lund. Car ran fine. This is where the problem begins. Installed a new McLeod clutch, throw out bearing, and dss 1 piece driveshaft. Broke in the clutch. Car drives fine around town under 3k rpms. there is a large vibration above 4K+ rpms. Car will do a pull but it’s as if in won’t go full potential. Even a full pull cuts out around 130. And after the pull I get misfire codes and the car will run lean 17-18 afr and sounds like it’s cammed because at idle it struggles to even stay running. after turning it off and back on and letting it sit and run for a while it corrects itself back to normal. Lund turned off rear 02’s and said I may need the re-learn crank feature and have ford do it. Anyone have this issue before after clutch install?
  4. Hi guys. Here is the current situation, I have a 2010 GT500. I will be putting on a fully ported and 1 piece conversion TVS onto it along with smaller pulley. intake. throttle body. header. xpipe. intake. tune. (possible lower pulley depending on lbs of boost at the time). I will be putting on bigger injectors but here is where I'm stumped. Im aware i can go return system but those are pricey and i don't want to do that unless i have accessibility to E85 in my area which i don't currently. So the question is, should I go BAP (kind of scared of failure etc) or can i just buy a bigger fuel pump or pumps? (mount it) and then use the stock lines? is that even a possible option? Since the 2010 have dual pumps would i have to buy two pumps? Thanks for the clarification guys.
  5. i would go with bigger injectors.. but other than that the build looks great. Exactly what I have bought just waiting to take it to the shop for install. I would also looking into some headers.. when you start to get into the higher boost ranges the headers help out on lowing the boost a few lbs. Good luck.
  6. Thanks on the color combo! and alright update. After almost overheating quickly in the chick fil a parking lot and running a pressure test, and leaving a cardboard piece under the car. there were no leaks.. which caused concern because like you all said the coolant has to be going somewhere. Well come to find out my cooling fan was no longer working. so at a standstill the car was getting way to hot and ended up evaporating the coolant slowly but surely. I ordered a new ford racing cooling fan which come standard on the 2013+ shelbys from what I've read and that should solve the problem
  7. Okay so now im thinking it could be a bad thermostat and the white smoke is just a coicidence. because i cant even sit in a line at chick fil a without the temperature gauge over heating.. Ill try the cardbaord idea as well as the pressure test and go from there. ??
  8. Okay so i looked at oil. Its fine. Right where it is supposed to be and no bubblues or coolant in it. No power loss or anything of that nature. I drove to houston and back and was around 22 hours. and i was running 93 when im only tuned for 91 the whole way. and me living in texas could the coolant have just evaporated especially if i race it on weekends? No leaks or anything thats why im so puzzled as to where its going.. thanks for the help and ideas.
  9. Hi Shelby family. i currently have a 10 gt500 with headers, xpipe, intake, pulley, and tune. and my car from a rev blows out white smoke. as well as me having to fill up an entire gallon of anti freeze/coolant every 8 months or so. is there a reason for this? Don't know what the problem is. i just drove it 22 hours on one weekend so i was guessing that was the cause of it but i have no clue. any input is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi guys. My mods continue on my 2010 shelby. i have headers, or xpipe, 2.6 pulley, idler, intake, colder plugs with a Lund tune. Im about to buy a 10% balancer to max out the boost at 15ish lbs. So my question is. do i need to buy another belt for the balancer or take off the idler or what? Thanks for the advice and help!
  11. Update. When i called JBA. they said because they aren't not the manufacturer of the flanges, (they used an outside source company for that part), That if i was to send the headers back. they would just redrill the holes and send me the same ones back all over again, but because of the trouble anytime i purchase with them again i would get wholesale price! HA! So i took it to a known shop. They ended up having to tap the same hole on each side. It finally got put on the car and lord almighty it is loud and i still have my resonators to cut which is only going to get more loud. I would NOT recommend JBA headers or their customer service.
  12. Hi guys. Went with JBA headers and xpipe combo. when i went to install them. The headers don't fit. every hole except one lines up. and I've tried every which way to get the one to fit and it won't. I've called jba and they won't send me new ones. claiming since I've already tried to install them so it isn't their problem. so the question is. If i make the one hole in the header slightly larger in order for there not to be an offset. and with the bolt still being tightened once i fasten it to the block i shouldn't have an exhaust leak? i honestly don't know what to do at this point without being out 1200$. thanks for the opinions
  13. Hi guys, i have a 2010 gt500. Im about to install my first set of jba headers with o/r x pipe. no cats. and the kit didn't come with o2 extensions. was wondering if i will for sure need them. or if they can be installed without them. Thanks in advance for the help. Full bolt on's soon to come. Parts are sitting in my room.
  14. Im in a few clubs on Facebook and was told that the 13 boss 302 would be worth more in 30 years than my 2010 shelby? is that right? i would have guessed shelby's in general would carry more value. especially the 10's.
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