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  1. Team Ford wanted $216.00 dollars for an oil change.
  2. It was done in quick lube bay. I originally went to a service rep and they took me to Quick Lube for the oil change.
  3. Took my GT350 to Gaudin Ford Quick Lube yesterday and they did an outstanding job. Customer service was excellent. Price for the service was $160.00 dollars. I would highly recommend getting your GT350s serviced here.
  4. I am not tracking the car. Maybe in the future but not right now.
  5. I was under the impression that drilled and slotted rotors were better than solid rotors when it comes to dissipating heat. If our stock rotors are just as good as drilled and slotted rotors I am fine with that.
  6. Has anyone installed drilled and slotted rotors on their GT350? Any recommendations on manufacturer?
  7. I did not get my GT350 serviced by Ford Country. Taking my GT350 to Gaudin Ford now. Don't trust a Quick Lube who doesn't even have to correct tools to service your Shelby.
  8. Ford provides you with the wrench if your purchased it new. My GT350 is second hand and Ford doesn't provide 2nd owner the wrench and the previous owner did not provide it when he traded in or sold his GT350. Ford Country should not rely the owner to provide tools to service GT350s. Ford Country is the only Ford dealer in Las Vegas who does not have correct tools to service the GT350.
  9. If you install the Kooks longtube headers and green x-pipe do you need to tune the car? Most tune have been for 93 or E85 correct? Is there any performance shops in Las Vegas that you would recommend doing this work? Asked Shelby American and they don't do any performance enhancements to GT350s.
  10. I am surprised that Ford has not identified a fix for the sagging rear bumpers. Has most people with the sagging rear bumpers let Ford know about the issue?
  11. My rear bumper is starting to show gaps. From what I have read on other forums I should take it to Ford so they can document the issue. I should not let them replace the bumper because it will just start sagging again. Is this correct?
  12. Spoke to Ford Country's Quick Lane and they don't have the oil filter wrench for the GT350's. Talked to regular service and they were shocked. Service manager said they have the oil filter wrench on order. Ford Country sells GT350's but they can't do oil changes on them unless you provide them they wrench you received from Ford.
  13. Does the shifter knobs from Ford Performance come with Blue Loctite? Or is it only shifter knobs from Twisted Shifterz?
  14. My GT350 shifter knob turns very easily. Will have to look into upgrading the shifter knob and then using the blue Loctite.
  15. Black trim is what I am talking about.
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