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  1. Any members headed to the Mn State Fairgrounds for the show?
  2. Hi all, Added a few touches to 08SGT1557. The windshield banner took the most time but the end result I like a lot more than I thought I would. The center caps, floor mats and shifter knob all came from Shelby and I really enjoy how they compliment the car. I know it is not heavy on the modification side so I hope I put it in the correct place. Thanks, Forrest [/url]
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    Thanks guys!
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    Thanks Doug!
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    Hi Jim, I am in Cedar, Mn its probably 2.5 hrs south of Duluth. I am just north of Anoka. I do make it up there to see a buddy who is going to college up there. Just like really expensive potato chips! I put them on last night! Had the first car show of the year this morning. Can't have naked mirrors out in public.
  6. Thanks Tom, I took a break from studying finals to read your story. I will definitely do some research on the Track Night events and see if any are close or in Mn. (Fairly new to all of this) I am still grasping the fact that I am an owner of an SGT that was delivered yesterday. I appreciate the read. It proves without a doubt that cars are not just a mean of transportation but a part of the people who love them. Thanks, Forrest
  7. Hi guys, Just delivered yesterday from Connecticut to Minnesota. 08SGT1557. Very excited to add another mustang to the family. So far there is just going to be basic interior and a few exterior mods. (shorter antenna and sequential tail lights) Honestly it is a dream come true. I am looking forward to cruising around with it on nice days and taking it to the car shows. And maybe trying to keep up with my dad in the Kr. Thanks, Forrest
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    Hey all, I have been on the forum for a while now and have received advice from some of you on the Shelby GT. It has been a long time since I first asked about it but today my car finally arrived. I will be sure to go to the registry being the new owner and I will post pictures. I am now the owner of an 08 red V6 mustang that I had supercharged and the new 08 Shelby Gt-08SGT1557. The SGT I bought from a guy in Connecticut and had it shipped up to Minnesota. I am the third owner and it has 15,000 miles on it. My father owns the 08 GT500KR. I guess you could say we like mustangs. So hello to all. I am glad to be part of this group and if you are in Mn don't hesitate to say hi. Thanks, Forrest
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  10. I have read a lot of topics in this forum and enjoy reading the stories that everyone has about there car. Hopefully my SGT will be in Mn within the next few weeks but until then what is everyone's stories on there cars. Long stories or short stories do not matter and I will post my story when the car comes. Until then it sure does pass the time to read about everyone's special cars...especially when at work.
  11. I am sure he bought because it says Shelby on it and dresses up the engine nicely. They discontinued making them.
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if there are any key words anyone recommends when looking online for specific Shelby GT clothing, collectibles or accessories. When I look through eBay and just type in Shelby GT all the GT500 etc. comes up. Just wondering about personal experience. Thanks, Forrest
  13. That is a very good point. I appreciate the straightforwardness.
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