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  1. Continuously voting daily as well. The sheer name recognition of Mecum and BJ is what gets them the easy clicks and they provide a broad range of vehicles that appeal to the general public as well as all car lovers.
  2. I have the KR production banner from the old museum as well as whatever other KR museum pieces I saw come up for auction that were auctioned on eBay. The only KR item I never saw come for auction was the brochure/stand piece with the specific car details/specifications.
  3. Thanks for your response. Look forward to seeing the pics with your new wheels and tires.
  4. Your car looks awesome. Love the color. I just picked up a 2010 red with white stripe convertible a couple months ago. I also recently got a set of the 20 inch alcoas as well. Do you know what lowering springs are used on your car? What size tires are you running, if you don't mind answering? Enjoy and thanks.
  5. Did you have to provide a police report or is Shelby selling directly to registered KR owners with no questions at this point? Was there a limit on what Shelby would sell to you? Just curious if Shelby lightened up because I had a hard enough time getting some extra floor mats a couple of years ago.
  6. When I contacted Shelby in March of 2013, it was hard enough to purchase floor mats from them as a registered KR owner. At the time they limited me to purchasing two sets and said I would have to wait a year before I could purchase any more- and that was for floor mats, lol. I was told they had "limited quantities" remaining. Now the floor mats have been plastered on eBay and their website for quite some time now at a dramatic cut in price compared to what I paid for them in 2013. How times have changed...
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