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  1. Being as Tasca was an SAI authorized mod shop you should be able to get a copy from Shelby American. This is provided it was an actual Shelby SC package that was purchased and installed as the Shelby GT/SC package and not just a mod shop installing a SC. If you have a secondary engine plaque indicating it was Factory Supercharged or supercharged by Tasca you can be very confident. They will probably charge you $20 or $30, its been quite a while I don't remember the exact amount. If you purchased this car after an earlier owner had the package done I think you just get a copy with the other persons name on it, but you can always (and should) have the Shelby registry updated with you as the owner. My SC package came with the engine plaque, but years ago I remember seeing that some didn't and that one could be purchased IF and ONLY IF the car is a true Shelby GT/SC. One of the many great things with Shelby is they document these things, which helps us if we are missing anything and also helps us and any potential buyer if one tries to pass off a fake.
  2. These cars just have that "it" factor in every aspect. Great post and I pretty much agree with all the comments. The look, the feel, the pedigree the nod to my favorite car of all time (66 GT350R) the Torque.
  3. Personally since this has no provenance and does not make a car a Terlingua I would rather pay the same price for a plaque that is signed by Carroll. That plaque would not make a car a 500 but would at least have something of substance plus you could cover up or buff out the 500 vin you could put a Terlingua decal or glue a Terlingua Keychain on the dash for far less and intended or not having this plaque on a car will always have the appearance of fraud. That's one expensive piece of tin.
  4. When will Shelby be adding these to the website it sure would be nice to "build one" and visualize the color and parts options.
  5. How much foresight was involved in this program? I presume that Mr. Shelby's "autograph" is an autopen and not a hand signed plaque. Of course if I am wrong that alone drastically improves the value of admission.
  6. Still not shown as one of the vehicles on the Shelby American site does any body have Intel on where to find all the available options and pricing ect. Or when Shelby will make this public? The s197 bunny can't be beat looks wise but in every other aspect I think this is a more than worthy successor. That price is crazy but with only 50 cars I think they will all be spoken for.
  7. Must have one! I still don't like the new body style but a v8 physco bunny?! Yes please!
  8. Has anybody reported this to eBay yet?
  9. Get super rich and buy the prototype. End of debate. Another debate here I always thought of the early vipers as Shelby's due to Shelby creating them opposed to mustangs that were created by someone else and later improved by Shelby making a not all mustangs being Shelby's scenario. I love Shelby's cars but I like the tiger because of Get Smart and if I owned one wouldn't really care what somebody else labeled it.
  10. White 07SGT 550 polished whipple done by SAI.
  11. In regards to the comment of our 4.6 not being designed for superchargers and them being ticking time bombs, how accurate is this? Is this just a paranoid comment from an over cautious shop? I don't see SAI knowingly selling us cars that were doomed to blow up.
  12. Santa's new sleigh powered by flying horses.
  13. Frank, it looks like you sure know how to live life!
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