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  1. These cars just have that "it" factor in every aspect. Great post and I pretty much agree with all the comments. The look, the feel, the pedigree the nod to my favorite car of all time (66 GT350R) the Torque.
  2. Personally since this has no provenance and does not make a car a Terlingua I would rather pay the same price for a plaque that is signed by Carroll. That plaque would not make a car a 500 but would at least have something of substance plus you could cover up or buff out the 500 vin you could put a Terlingua decal or glue a Terlingua Keychain on the dash for far less and intended or not having this plaque on a car will always have the appearance of fraud. That's one expensive piece of tin.
  3. When will Shelby be adding these to the website it sure would be nice to "build one" and visualize the color and parts options.
  4. How much foresight was involved in this program? I presume that Mr. Shelby's "autograph" is an autopen and not a hand signed plaque. Of course if I am wrong that alone drastically improves the value of admission.
  5. Still not shown as one of the vehicles on the Shelby American site does any body have Intel on where to find all the available options and pricing ect. Or when Shelby will make this public? The s197 bunny can't be beat looks wise but in every other aspect I think this is a more than worthy successor. That price is crazy but with only 50 cars I think they will all be spoken for.
  6. Must have one! I still don't like the new body style but a v8 physco bunny?! Yes please!
  7. Has anybody reported this to eBay yet?
  8. Get super rich and buy the prototype. End of debate. Another debate here I always thought of the early vipers as Shelby's due to Shelby creating them opposed to mustangs that were created by someone else and later improved by Shelby making a not all mustangs being Shelby's scenario. I love Shelby's cars but I like the tiger because of Get Smart and if I owned one wouldn't really care what somebody else labeled it.
  9. White 07SGT 550 polished whipple done by SAI.
  10. In regards to the comment of our 4.6 not being designed for superchargers and them being ticking time bombs, how accurate is this? Is this just a paranoid comment from an over cautious shop? I don't see SAI knowingly selling us cars that were doomed to blow up.
  11. Santa's new sleigh powered by flying horses.
  12. Frank, it looks like you sure know how to live life!
  13. Oh God, I hope Tom cruise doesn't play Carroll or out of principle I will never be able to watch it. Otherwise I can't wait to see a Carroll Shelby movie and I love the working title. I could just see it now movie theaters everywhere with posters "Ferrari's ass is mine!"
  14. I am glad that SAI is committed to growing and advancing the brand. If anyone can SAI can comment what will be the focus on the local loyalists. I trust that SAI has a plan and won't cut off their hand to save their finger with a global focus. I just wonder with the difficulty of protecting the name and owners from fakes and frauds stateside with laws, how much more complicated will this be abroad if there are international mod shops in countries that are less scrupulous when it comes to policies, laws and trademarks. I also wonder if there has been any thought to coming up with unique monikers for the 6 and 4 cylinder Shelby mustangs as to add to the overall stable rather then running the risk of watering down the Shelby GT name plate. It seems to me this would benefit all. There could be a SGT a Shelby x And a Shelby y each with their own place in the Shelby collection and CSM sequence. I would think for instance from a selling and buying aspect owning a t.t. 4 cylinder Shelby x that was say 1 of 150 would add more then say having a t.t. 4 cylinder SGT that (especially given the cost) may be less desirable given it could be viewed as an "inferior" SGT to some likewise some (like my self) would be far less likely to buy a v8 SGT that shared a name with a 4 cylinder car. I however have bought a Shelby charger ,despite having no interest in the era's dodges, purely due to its being different. I have also considered buying a Shelby focus in recent history due to its place and individuality, had it been a focus based SGT I never would have considered it. I would consider given the funds getting both a t.t. 4 banger and v8 SGT/sc if they were two different cars. I imagine had a Terlingua been a v6 SGT they probably would have not been cared for not had the cult following they have. I could be wrong l, just my 2 cents.
  15. Sad, not sure I will renew. The calendar was a good idea but not if its at the expense of the annual, especially since the calendar will assuredly be cars of the good ol boys that rub enough elbows.
  16. +1 with Bill. These things are a stupid headache and have issues everytime the temperature changes.
  17. This may be a common tale. I noticed a couple weeks ago on this very forum that someone was commenting on a SGT for sale that "too bad it's CSM is above 1500" at the time I was wondering what the heck they meant, but now it makes "sense"
  18. MMcGuirk thanks for the response and info. This sounds like an awesome event!
  19. Are minors welcome? My son would absolutely love this, I'm raising the next generation of Shelby enthusiast/customer. Also is there a limit of 2 people per car or would I be able to take both my wife and son.
  20. Have two caravan style cruise points. One in California for us out west say the old Shelby location or Den Beste and one out east or Midwest perhaps Ford headquarters in Michigan that can grow as it heads west. Everybody can converge in Vegas. Who knows maybe some ford folks will decide to join in and see the magnitude of Shelby's reach and importance of corporate support from ford to Shelby.
  21. Just found this thread l, if anybody is still trying to keep track. 550 polished whipple done by SAI in Vegas! What happens in Vegas burns rubber everywhere!
  22. I don't know for a fact but have seen posted before that numbers 1-10 were reserved for a premium. Again this is hear say but I bet someone on here would know.
  23. There was a SGT/SR package. Don't know if it is still available. But I suppose you could do it and have a rocker stripe made that drops the S off the designation.
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