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  1. I hope it is all smooth sailing. Good luck!
  2. This is going to test your patience mine took seven months. Well worth the wait but it will test your patience. Good luck! CSM15SS0031
  3. I am very happy that people are posting about their 2015 up Super Snakes. For a long time it was crickets.
  4. CSM15 0031 Ordered 5/15/15,delivered 12/8/15. Love the car it has been a blast! Only a few minor fit and finish issues. Biggest problem is people chasing me to get pictures,it gets a lot of attention. I once had a highway patrolman stop me just to look at it. Everyone at SAI is great, Gary Patterson is the best!
  5. looks like the car raffled acouple mots back in Washington state?
  6. 0033 is beautiful,enjoy. What is the HP?
  7. Thanks! Glad to hear someone has a new one and is excited about it. I love mine. Blows off my friends Hellcat.
  8. Are there no new Super Snakes? This is very quiet.
  9. Also the Road&Track guy must have been high our car is nothing like that!
  10. I have CSMSS150031 and love it. We could not be happier,it sticks to the road like snake,rides great and is crazy fast. It is also stunningly beautiful . If you would like to drive one speak to a salesperson about drive before you buy track day.
  11. Very cool! Drive safely and enjoy. Also send photos?
  12. SS with as much HP as possible
  13. I have 0031,delivered 12/8/15. Drove it long way home to Fresno,Ca performed flawlessly. No problems and it got 20MPG. I love this car! Vince and everyone at Sheby have done a great job. You probably haven't heard much from new owners because they are too busy having fun and smiling. I know I am!
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