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  1. This problem may be an issue with one of the blades not centered to the bore on the shaft correctly. I would loosen the screws that holds the plates and flip it open to closed a few times to center the blades with the tb bores. Either that or the blades are closing to far. Need to stop a tad sooner before the blades get wedged.
  2. I read on another site where the fins on the VMP bend very easily when bugs hit it. I was considering one of these but don't want that problem.
  3. The heat exchanger cools the coolant going into the supercharger intercooler. Which in turn cools the pressurized air going into the engine. Not the oil temperature.
  4. What was IAT2 running prior and in about same ambient slow moving?
  5. Why not just go ahead and tell him what you recommend for "daily driver" and for "just nice days"? No need to ask the question, just go ahead and give the answer for both!
  6. I've looked through all the files in my PCM via HP Tuner and don't find anything pertaining to the differential cooler. Not sure why it would need PCM programming to work. If so then all it needs to work are the connectors on a coupe with SVT PP???
  7. To sell my differential cooler then I would need to sell only to someone with the 821A performance package?
  8. I would think the wiring and connectors are on all 2013/2014s and even the PCM the same. You could check to see if you have a connector for each. The pump connector is up over the axle in a group of wiring and sensor on the passenger side forward of the axle. Would need pics to show exactly.
  9. Houston area. 23K miles. Differential cooler system or rotors and calipers?
  10. Thanks! I was looking into selling my differential cooler system and rotors and calipers but wasn't sure what to ask. I could take a pic with it laid out to show each part. However not sure I want to sell it for only $400. These parts cost $3500 and $3000 as an add-on. I think they are worth more than $400. Shipping may be a problem with some of these lines in the differential cooler too. They are long. But if anybody needs these then let me know and may we can work out something. Particularly if I don't have to ship. The caliper and rotors could be shipped ok but not sure about the cooler system lines.
  11. Sorry I meant used. Complete used take off cooler kit and used calipers and rotors.
  12. What is an OEM 2013/2014 differential cooler system off an SVT Track Pack worth? How much are OEM calipers and rotors same year worth? (Take off parts used)
  13. The crimp holds the cap to the vent. Yes, it's normal.
  14. Exactly. I struggled with mine thinking it was the gasket or the differential cooling fittings because that's where the lube accumulated. Was the vent! Like you say, turbulence really distributes the lube well.
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