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  1. I purchased a vmp gen 2 blower and throttle body from vmp, upgraded my injectors to id1000s, boost a pump, 2.4 in pulley, 15% overdrive pulley, lt headers, vmp triple pass heat exchanger, belt tensions, jlt 123mm cai, and it runs great at about 3/4 throttle, but as soon as i WOT and the boost kicks in my car studders and falls on its face, im swapping out spark plugs today and gapping them to .30 like they recommended, but there telling me that sparks the only issue with my tune, i don't personally see how it can be spark but im swapping them just to be safe, has anyone had any issues like this and have a resolution, or any ideas what the issue may be? I'll keep everyone posted if the spark does fix the problem. Then the car falls on its face it shoots flames out the rear pipes, just in case that may be an indicator to a potential resolution. Thanks for any help!
  2. If I did those upgrades would I still get around 12MPG? I still love to drive it down the highways! I'm averaging just under 14 atm. Is there any recommended or best supercharger upgrades for the price? Should i worry about the gears in the car? If you guys do have any links to products its appreciated!
  3. Hey guys I just upgraded from my 4.6 gt to a 2008 gt500, Its pretty much stock with super big 148mm jlt intake and a tune, I was wondering what it would take to get into the 10secs with this car, I ran a 12.456 at the track so far loosing a little grip at launch and going into second, I currently have nitto 555 tires, I was thinking about swapping gears, or getting a tvs blower but i'm not sure what would I have to upgrade to go this fast, and do I need any supporting mods with the upgrade, because whats the point of having a fast car if its broken? (;
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