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  1. Hi all, Myself and a few other Mustangs are going to be meeting in San Jose for a ride to Cars and Coffee at Treasure Island. We will meet early, then ride to Stoneridge mall to meet with the large caravan by 7am, then into Treasure Island. Meet time: 6am, leave by 6:15 Location: CVS at 1097 Leigh Ave (at the corner of Southwest Expwy/Leigh). All Mustangs welcome. Bridge cost: $5, C&C Parking cost: $10 The caravan into Treasure Island is a lot of fun and with some pretty nice variety of muscle cars and supercars. Some great photographers come out...last time I got some great shots like this one. Hope some of you can make it.
  2. hey tom, didn't know the picnic was happening! sounds like it'll be a good time! enjoy! I'll def upload some pics...we're close to 70 cars now...
  3. Hey guys, and a few buddies are hosting a cruise for V8s to Carmel on Sunday July 19th. Please feel free to invite your other buddies with muscle cars. BRING $20 CASH FOR PARKING AND ENTRY TO 17 MILE DRIVE Time: 8am Location: Cambrian Park Plaza 14940 Camden Ave, San Jose Passengers, children, and significant others a welcome! Also feel free to invite other buddies with performance cars! CRUISE ITINERARY: Stop 1: park by the ocean - 30 mintues - parking is $10 (bring cash) (leave by 10:30am) Seacliff State Beach 201 State Park Drive Aptos, CA Stop 2: park at the Links - 20 minutes - road entry is $10 17 mile drive to Pebble Beach Golf Course and Resort Stop 3: Eat Your Own Lunch - 90+ minutes Downtown Carmel - Ocean Ave There is parking all along Ocean Avenue -- because we will have a large group in a smaller downtown area, everyone can do their own thing for lunch, or go in smaller groups...we will meet back at 2pm Regroup time: 2pm/2:15pm Regroup Location: Carmel High School 3600 Ocean Ave Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93922 LEAVING THE HIGH SCHOOL AT 2:30pm for route back to San Jose Here's our current roster of cars: 2014 Nissan GTR BE - Blue 2008 Nissan GTR - Silver 2013 Audi RS5 - Black 2015 BMW M4 - Yas Marina Blue 2011 BMW M3 - Frozen Black 2011 BMW M3 - Frozen Black 2007 C6 Corvette Zo6 - Yellow 2007 C6 Corvette Zo6 - Yellow 2012 C6 Corvette GS - Carbon Flash 2007 C6 Corvette - Black 2006 C6 Corvette - White 1999 C5 Corvette - Magentic Red 1991 C4 Corvette - Black 2013 Camaro SS - Black 2012 Camaro SS 45th - Black 2012 Camaro SS - Black 2011 Camaro SS - White 2011 Camaro SS - Black 2010 Camaro SS - Inferno Orange 2010 Camaro SS - Red Jewel 2010 Camaro SS - White 2010 Camaro SS - Black 2001 Camaro Z/28 - Silver 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP - Silver 2006 Pontiac GTO - Cyclone Gray 2006 Pontiac GTO - Brazen Orange 2015 Challenger Hellcat - Black 2014 Challenger SRT8 - Black 2012 Shelby GT500 - White 2012 Shelby GT500 - Black 2010 Shelby GT500 - Kona Blue 2008 Shelby GT500 - Black 2007 Shelby GT500 - White 2007 Shelby GT500 - Black 2013 Boss 302 LS - Black 2013 Boss 302 - School Bus Yellow 2013 Boss 302 - Gotta Have it Green 2012 Boss 302 - Race Red 2012 Boss 302 - White 2004 SVT Cobra - Mystichrome 2003 SVT Cobra - Black 1997 SVT Cobra - Black 2003 Mustang Mach 1 - Dark Shadow Grey 2015 Mustang GT/PP Whipple - Comp. Orange 2015 Mustang GT/PP - Comp. Orange 2015 Mustang GT/PP - Guard Green 2015 Mustang GT/PP ProCharger - Magnetic 2015 Mustang GT/PP - Black 2015 Mustang GT/PP - White 2015 Mustang GT/PP - Silver 2015 Mustang GT - Comp. Orange 2015 Mustang GT - Black 2015 Mustang GT - Black 2015 Mustang GT - Guard Green 2015 Mustang GT - Magnetic 2015 Mustang GT - Race Red 2015 Mustang EB - Deep Impact Blue 2014 Mustang GT HE - Black 2014 Mustang GT - White 2014 Mustang GT - Black 2014 Mustang GT - Black 2012 Mustang GT -Grabber Blue 2011 Mustang GT - Grabber Blue 2007 Mustang GT/CS - White 2007 Mustang GT Vortech - Grabber Orange Plus a bunch of others that might be joining.
  4. Thanks everyone! Glad to be a part of it. It was great meeting many of you on Saturday. Mike, I'm in the San Jose area. How about yourself? Thanks! It seems like it, I had a blast on Saturday! Some awesome cars and great to meet some of the guys!
  5. nice! post some pics when you get a chance!
  6. Sounds good fellas, thanks for the invite, see you there. A couple of my buddies with 2015s want to join along for the ride too. That okay with you guys?
  7. Congrats on the awesome ride! post up some pics, the grabber blue with black stripes is my favorite color combo on the Shelbys!
  8. Hi all, Just joined the forum...if the South Bay group is still planning to meet at the SJ Mercury News lot I'd love to join for the ride up to Blackhawk! Are you guys still meeting there at 7:15am?
  9. Hi everyone, Happy to be a part of the forum! Been a TS forum lurker for a couple years but wanted to finally join! Planning to attend the Shelby Memorial Classic in Danville tomorrow! Glad to be a part of the forum! Here's mine:
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