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  1. I am extremely happy with the Griot products. Whatever line you use, I think there is a benefit to using the same maker for everything...polish, spray cleaner, wax, etc. Just my .02, but I had a scuff on my passenger door that I thought would never come out...about 10 minutes of clay, correcting cream, polish, and wax and it looks like glass again.
  2. Looks like a lot of them are from Jack Millers Mustang Barn...probably a good deal to be had on a KR if I were in the position to buy right now.
  3. Robert - beautiful job. I don't want to hijack this thread, but what did you use for de-rust and sealing when you were done? Possibly start a new thread or PM me...THANKS!
  4. I have just under 10k. I bought the car in June and put 3,000 on my first summer...MN doesn't have the longest driving season. I have no idea how you guys can just let those beasts sit caged up in the garage. Not putting you down, actually impressed with your will power ✌
  5. Whatever......you can't push on a rope and you can't fix stupid. You go along your merry way and move on to a different thread. You are never gonna get it. Again, pathetic...trolling a site regarding cars you don't even like...a 60 year old bashing someone's passion...I hope I have a better fate 10 years down the road. Or maybe ruffling feathers this way is the only way you can get others to communicate with you.
  6. Which, again, begs the question, why do feel compelled to post on a thread specifically dedicated to the enthusiast of these types of cars? Better yet, why do you even read this thread. At 60 years old you must be one miserable s.o.b. if you have nothing better to do than cut down someone else's passion, opinion or hobby. I am fairly sure most of those seeking a classic are not doing it as an investment and don't really care about any speculative bubble. The late model cars will not see the same type of appreciation the classics, there will always be newer technology and more h.p.. If all you had were smelly rattle traps, maybe you should find a better mechanic and move along to a different thread.
  7. I wasn't actually suggesting Buster go to SAAC...the moderators would boot him, as they should here. I think anyone that wants to have a constructive dialogue should go to SAAC. MLane...if you haven't found your unicorn, maybe reach out to Pete Disher aka Coralsnake Disregard...I see you struck gold. In fact I think Pete is the one who indeed helped him
  8. Which begs the question, why do you feel you need to monitor this forum? Why do you feel a need to comment? Frankly it's pricks like you that ruin the Team Shelby forum. If you don't like the topic go to a different thread. I susect you want one, but just can't afford it. SAAC is a much better, more constructive site.
  9. I have a Breitling, Tag, Seiko ( of course), no Rolex...but my favorite is my Hamilton. Very interesting parallel to cars. I think the Ferrari, and other exotics are great, but wouldn't want own one...too pretentious. I have a Yukon that is as dependable as my Seiko. My 07 Shelby is like my Breitling... Probably not appreciated for what it is unless you know what you are looking at. And my dream is to get a 67 Shelby... Like my Hamilton, it's just classic.
  10. As I said earlier...you are entitled to your opinion...and I have to certainly agree with you on that one! You might also be right on the mechanics of the earlier Shelbys. I am not even a gear head wannabe, but they sure are beautiful to look at...imho.
  11. Of course I would then sell it, buy another 2007 and a 67 project car.
  12. Buster, you are certainly entitled to your opinion...even if it does sound tainted with a bit of envy. However, these are classic muscle cars from a bygone era...properly restored, they are works of art. They are not about being the best handeling, most powerful cars on today's modern road. It is these very cars that have led to the resurgence of the muscle car. As with any type of art, they are not for everyone. But knowing a little about the Shelby story and what these cars did for Ford and the entire muscle car industry, I will continue to admire and covet them. I would trade my mint 2007 for a mint 1967 GT500 in a heart beat.
  13. Thanks, HTH. I guess my next question is, how many of the 1011 2008 rec'd the power upgrade package? I guess the pre-title production of the '08s made it a little less appealing then in 2007, when you had to get the package post title to get the 40th Anniversary badging.
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