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  1. Update - Fuel pump, filter and injectors replaced. After a lot of cranking to get it primed, she's running now. It's a little rough, but new plugs, cap, rotor and wires should fix that. Gotta pull the valve covers, repaint them and reinstall with new gaskets to fix the oil dripping on the exhaust manifolds. The wheels I got from a guy in Minnesota had a bit of salt damage to the clear coat, so I'm having them chemically stripped today. I'll repaint and clear them them tonight, then put on new tires in a few days. I'm going to go with 225-70R15 Front and 255-70R15 in the rear. I'll need to change the speedometer drive gear in the transmission to correct the speedometer reading. I think I have the wrong SMEC. My radiator fans come on as soon as I put turn the key, and they never shut off. Until I can find the right SMEC, or get one reprogrammed, I'll put in a relay that's triggered with by a temperature sensor in the radiator or the A/C compressor clutch wire, to keep them from running all the time. Does anyone have a spare Shelby SMEC laying around? Even one that doesn't work. I'd like to try reprogramming the PROM on one of the van SMEC's to see if that's a viable option.
  2. Any of these parts still available? I'm interested in a set of fog lights and could use a grille nameplate, if you have one.
  3. Missing light bar (toneau instead), original wheels and caps, and grille. Not running at the moment. Either a bad fuel pump or a messed up alarm preventing it from running. Should have it going this weekend. I've already scored a used light bar and I have a line on some wheels, but they'll need some serious restoration. Anybody with a spare grille with Shelby emblem and some decent center caps, please respond.
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