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  1. sorry for the delay have been involved in an accident. Big boy toy is a 2014 gt500. used to track MGB's. Current car is a convertible so it precludes me from doing so but can run cone racing. Where do you live?
  2. You all have asked for more info here goes. Current are covering to start with. I live in Suamico, which is a northern sub of Green bay. Current coverage to start with ill be north of Greenbay, west to include Door County south to Manitowoc and west to include Appleton and anything in between. The purpose is to assemble Team Shelby members , and obtain new members. Set up a meeting of sorts and determine as a group what the wants maybe , cars and coffee, driving events ,car shows and the like that we could do as a group.. And most of all promote the club from an area perspective along with being a spokesman to the Great Lakes Team Shelby group.. I'm looking for to hearing from you all as to your ideas moving forward. Dennis Johnson Packerland Team Shelby Director email is djohnson9683@yahoo.com
  3. the Great lakes group is working up smaller groups much like has been done in Mich to better serve the needs of its club members as well as grow Team Shelby. This year we have establish 2 groups one of them being Packerland TS, Looking to pull together members to see what there interest mite be and at some point gather as group to further this endeavor. Where are you located and do you know others that may have an interest?
  4. Looking for fellow members in the North Wisconsin area. Starting a Packerland sub chapter to the Great Lakes TC. Please contact me so we can begin forming and creating future events for our area. Dennis Packerland TC director
  5. mine is do in may and can not renew on web sight ?
  6. can we attend as a spectator, Road America does not allow convertibles with out roll bars I understand.
  7. ended up with the Sto & Sho bracket. seems fairly strong and install time was about 15 minutes.
  8. Went out to Medine NY for ours. Salesman was a nice guy but his last day. The car was adv with options not on the car and when confronted the sales manger said take it or leave it. He was a real ass , and very arrogant about the whole thing. Owner of the dealership not around to discuss with. Would not recommend this Ford dealership do to this sales managers actions. Bought the car anyway and very happy with it
  9. Can anyone recommend a proper mount for the front license plate. Most I have seen look poorly made and low to the ground.' I have a 2014
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