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  1. Alright, so my gt500 has: headers, exhaust, intake, 2.6" aftermarket pulley, and a tune of some sort (idk what kind, I got the car like this.) I just discovered that although it's pulling 12 lbs boost right now, it's still running the plugs that came in it from the factory. I'm gonna put some NGK TR6's in it, and I've gathered from this forum that I should gap them .035". However, does this change require re-tuning? I sure hope not. Any help would be appreciated1
  2. Thanks for the support and help, everyone! I really appreciate it! @speedrx, I think it's an SCT Flash tune. Should I look into a different tuner? Also, the clutch is stock. The only problems with the tranny is that it's hard to shift into 2nd gear sometimes. Other than that, it runs fine! May what mileage should I look into replacing the spark plugs?
  3. Alright, I'm new here-I just made this account today. Please don't castigate or emasculate me, but I know very little about this car. I'm just here to learn! That being said, I've recently been given a 2011 GT500 by my grandparents. It has about 47,000 miles. The car isn't stock, either. It was my grandmothers mid life crisis, and they bought it used from a Ford dealership. They know very little about cars, but my grandmother loved it because "it had snakes on it and it was loud." ? Anyway, she's tired of it and has gifted it to me. Here's what the dealer told us was in it: SCT tune, headers, exhaust, intake, and pulley. We have done nothing to it but change the oil, and I bought an aftermarket air filter for it. How soon should I change the spark plugs, or should I at all? What tires would you guys recommend for daily driver with an occasional drag race? It's currently running Pirelli P Zeros. What other checking/maintenance should I do to ensure its operating at optimal efficiency and full power? Remember, I'm new to all this and will readily admit ignorance. Any kind help will be much appreciated!
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