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  1. I am from near Toronto, Canada and I placed a deposit with SAI Las Vegas back in August, and had since ordered and took delivery of a GT350. Also that I had since ordered and recently took delivery a basic Mustang GT 6sp with Recaro seats to be used as a base car for the SuperSnake modification. When I found out that Shelby West Canada in Fort Saskatchewan (just outside of Edmonton) is producing the SuperSnake for Canada, I went to see them and asked to transfer the production from Vegas to there, in order to avoid the hassle of bring a highly modified car back to the country, and to shorten the trucking route. I was told that SWC has an allocation for 50 in Canada, that is in addition to the 300 from SAI, using identical parts and methods as in SAI, and will have its own set of chassis numbers that starts in the 500's. Only catch is that the work is priced in USD, even in Canada, and the Canadian Dollar had since dropped from almost at par with the US, to around $0.70 USD. So now my cost has gone up almost 40%. I have since received a refund from SAI for my deposit, and have yet to put it towards the Canadian production. I am sitting on the fence now, hesitate to make a decision for the following reasons: 1. The Road and track review of car #001 confirmed my worse fear, that the power is too much for the rest of the car. I understand that it was car #001, and a lot of shaking down still yet had to be done at the time of the article. But the fundamentals of the problem still hasn't change, and SAI doesn't have as much money and resources as Ford to do it right like in the GT350. 2. Will the rumored next GT500, with the rumored 700 - 800 HP, make the SuperSnake look like a joke handling wise. Why should I spend twice as much now for a future half a car? 3. On the other hand, the SuperSnake will be a "true" (Please, no more beating on a dead horse debate on this topic here, please!) Shelby pertaining to the process in which it will be created, rather than a special edition Mustang with a Shelby badge, built and completed on the regular Mustang line. This will be a true collectible versus a production line GT350 or GT500. 4. From their Facebook page it appears that SWC has only produced one car for Canada thus car. Do I want to be guinea pig #2? So I don't know what to do now.
  2. Came off the transport truck yesterday! Soon they will be together!
  3. Although the 2015/16 Mustang GT based Super Snake with a large supercharger is advertised at 750HP, they told me it can be delivered with 850HP with no major changes. The stock independently suspended rear differential may not be able to handle much more than that. Since the Voodoo engine in the GT350 is not suitable for supercharging (according to SAI), I somehow doubt if they will have a version that goes beyond cosmetic and suspension modifications. Freer exhaust may be. So my bet will be on the next GT500 - which definitely will come with a boosted engine, may that be turbo charged or supercharged. SAI may come out with a higher boosted version that makes substantially more power.
  4. I bet it is for the 2.3L Shelby GT EcoBoost: http://shelby.com/?topic=vehicles&art=ShelbyGT-EcoBoost
  5. It will definitely be fixed, to the same or better than pre-crash. Whatever happened only serves to enrich the car's history.
  6. Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto.
  7. One step closer to my modern Bucket List reality - Dealer showed me a printout that my car is scheduled to be built on October 26, and ETA will be between Nov 1 and 7. Hope they are on track so I can get my car before snow starts to fall.
  8. I'm sure he made it up. LoL That's why I want to ask Boss 302 owners to share what their experience have been. Besides, the Hellcat is designed to run 12 seconds or less at a time so a heavy clutch doesn't really matter for its intended purpose, I suppose.
  9. Lots of Hellcat buyers got turned off by the manual because the clutch pedal is super HEAVY!! (Part of the reason I went for an automatic.) The Ford salesman assured me that the clutch in the GT350 will be as light as the Mustang GT. Will some Boss 302 owners chime in to tell me how heavy the clutch is. I suppose the new GT350 should be about the same.
  10. Again, if you want a high power, track capable automatic Shelby based on the current IRS platform, you can send a basic 2015 or 2016 Mustang GT to SAI in Las Vegas and they will convert it to a 750HP+ Super Snake for $50 - $60K, depending on the options you want (track suspension available). They will convert both manual and automatic, and they told me that the current Mustang GT automatic can handle 900HP without problem. In addition, this car will be produced follow the traditional Shelby route and no overzealous Shelby die hard can argue that it is not a "real" Shelby. Better hurry up as they are only going to convert 300 of them. More than half had already been spoken for as of a month ago when I placed my order.
  11. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2015/08/20/all-new-ford-shelby-gt350r-mustang-roars-off-the-line.html
  12. By the time you finish building one to the way you like and get it to run the way you like, the cost will be almost the same as a new one - and it won't have any warranty whatsoever. That's why I got the Challenger Hellcat in the first place.
  13. GT350 with Track Pack on order 2 weeks ago. Soon I will have the modern versions of the two cars from Bucket List!
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