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  1. Brad, We will only ever build 500 2017 Super Snakes world wide. We have not hit that number. The Registry will not post build #'s until we sell all 500. We have never sold out of allocation for any year Super Snake, so the only #s release on a Super Snake would be the special editions like the Signature Series, 2012 50th Anniversary White and Gold Cars, 427 Editions, etc..
  2. There are only 500 CSM #s available for 2017 world wide. We have not sold out of any year Super Snake. There is an 07 on a lift in the shop right now.
  3. The E stands for Enhanced. Right now we are quoting 30-60 days to build a base model with no options. The big delay is getting on a lift. We are looking on @ 30 day from when a car arrives to hit the lift. The GTE is a fast build.
  4. Hey Guys, I have been here and said it before. I am your guy at Shelby. Now a days I work in Car Sales. But, I can certainly help you with most anything that goes on at my job. You can alway reach me by email at chrisr@shelby.com or on the phone at 702-683-7060 I am a regular on Facebook and have a weekly posting on Team Shelbys official group page. I have several customers like Dubbs, that correspond with me exclusively thru Facebook Messenger. Let me know how I can help you. I seldom hear from anyone on this site. My information is still posted on the Shelby Performance Parts forum on the first post of the thread "Contacting Shelby Performance Parts" http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/88208-contacting-shelby-performance-parts/ CALL ME 702-683-7060
  5. The Terlingua is offered on the 15,16, and 17. I have a customer sending in a 17 Grabber Blue Convertible already.
  6. These photos were taken at Shelby American. These trucks are certainly Shelby's just like every other car bearing Carroll's name. If you want details make sure to ask Gary Patterson. He will be on the road most of this summer showing our cars off. He spearheaded this venture and has all the details.
  7. Please email me at chrisr@shelby.com I will be happy to relay the info to Tom so that the shipping will be removed. Otherwise protocol is to message the seller after winning the auction and request a revised invoice with shipping removed. The only stipulation is that you are registered owners in the shelby registry, and that the free shipping is on KR items. I will make sure to remind the new Ebay staff of this offer. Let me know if you need any assistance.
  8. Gonzalo at GTR High Performance is the man. Listen to Mike.
  9. I see the problem. There is an error on the build on site. The raise in price also reflects the addition of several items that used to be an up charge. Most of them are outlined in the brochure. The 07-12 now includes rear 4-piston Shelby Wildwood disc brakes, the Extreme Cooling package, one-piece drive shaft, and a choice of 800hp Whipple 4.0 of Kenne Bell 3.6 in any finish.No upcharge. The build one has not been updated and is showing that those item account for $6,000+ in options when they are now standard features. Update coming really soon. http://www.shelbyamerican.com/images/pdf/2007-12SS.pdf
  10. Call classic design concept. I am not sure the part #.
  11. It may take a while to get a photo. They are made to order and as you can imagine, customers are anxious to get the new ones back on there car. It is quite a dilemma convincing someone to remove and destroy their csm badge before you can send them a new one. I will get back to you.
  12. Call Jeremy or Daniel at SPP. The make replacements for a very reasonable price. Be prepared to have to remove the existing tag. The guys have to either receive the old one or receive a picture of it cut in half. They are available and made to order from current local manufacturer. They are not NOS so the may vary slightly. Expect 30 day turn around.
  13. They do have lots of KR stripes. They will be auctioning them off soon. I do recomend painting them as mentioned above. Especially the KR stuff. It is all NOS as opposed to the SGT stuff that is fresh.
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