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  1. Any requests for the Q2 dates? We're just now getting some idea from the racetrack (Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch) about their availability and I'm happy to propose date(s) that work best for this audience. LMK what you think! - gs
  2. Hey Team Shelby! Shelby American is kicking off a spring promotion and we wanted to make sure you were in the loop: If you're thinking about an upgrade to your 2007-2014 Shelby GT500 to a Super Snake (or Hole Shot or 1000hp) or perhaps the new family of 2015-16 Shelby GT (670hp), Shelby Super Snake (750+hp) or Shelby Terlingua Mustang (750+hp), we're now offering FREE transportation (within the continental US) to Las Vegas - OR - a free Katzkin interior upgrade. This is a limited time offer available thru April 30, 2016. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160216006738/en/Shelby-American-Offers-Free-Vehicle-Pick-up-Transport Sound interesting or have any questions? Drop us a note at Sales@Shelby.com or call us: 702.942.7325 Sincerely, - Gary S
  3. Our next dates on-track will be: Mar 4-5 (Shelby Bash!) Mar 26 Hope to see you (all) out there. -gs
  4. Are you thinking about picking up a 670HP Shelby GT? Or maybe the 750+HP Super Snake or Terlingua, but just can't make up your mind? Well, why not get behind the wheel with the Shelby American factory drivers on the racetrack Spring Mountain Motorsports on Sat. Feb 13 to help you decide? We promise it's the most fun you'll have with your clothes on. The cost for the day is $1,750 and automatically rolls into your deposit on the Shelby you select to build (making your track day FREE!). Slots are still available, but space is limited. Interested? Drop us a note: Sales@Shelby.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hrsv3OHfhs
  5. This will be an across the board price adjustment for all of the SS upgrades ('07-14). - G
  6. Jim- No hidden agenda to our promotion other than the price adjustment reflects the updated market costs for the upfit and removes a lot of the confusion that new (to) Shelby GT500 customers have about the differences in the Super Snakes. We still intend to support the '07-14 platform and in fact, have been working to streamline our production process to better enable a faster delivery time. Hope this helps answer your questions. - Gary
  7. Not sure if everyone is aware, but there are 2 upcoming events at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles that the Shelby-faithful may want to attend: Wed. Jan 6//645pm: Beyond the Bibs - https://vimeo.com/147242069 Sun. Jan 10//9am: Carroll Shelby Drive-In - Shelby American will be bringing the 2015-16 750+hp Super Snake and can answer any questions you may have. See you out there! -g
  8. Shelby will be hosting their next "Try Before You Buy" track experience on Sat. Feb 13th here in Las Vegas if you're interested. We'll put you behind the wheel of the new 670HP Shelby GT and the 750+HP Shelby Super Snake (both built on the new 2015-16 5.0L V8 Mustang GT). Please hit us up if you're interested in attending, space is limited! Sales@Shelby.com
  9. Be on the lookout for our first digital newsletter to drop very soon. Happy Holidays from SAI!
  10. Fun read by Petrolicious about their recent visit to Shelby American: http://petrolicious.com/shelby-a-six-letter-word-for-america
  11. Looks mean and SOUNDS mean. You gotta come out and give it a try!
  12. In case you missed the recent article by HotRod Magazine, here's a link to the story with a full review of our 3 new Shelby Mustangs: http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/research/testing-the-brand-new-shelby-gt-ecoboost-shelby-gt-and-mighty-shelby-super-snake/ar-BBnPwtN?li=BBnb4R5
  13. More great press about the new Shelby family of Mustangs from HotRod Magazine: http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/research/testing-the-brand-new-shelby-gt-ecoboost-shelby-gt-and-mighty-shelby-super-snake/ar-BBnPwtN?li=BBnb4R5
  14. Happy Holidays, Team Shelby! Not sure if you saw our post on Facebook or received the email blast we dropped, but we have a special offer just for Team Shelby members: If you order your new (2015-16) Shelby GT (670HP) or Super Snake (750+HP) by 12.31.15 and have your car delivered to Shelby/Las Vegas by 1.6.16, we will have your car built and ready for delivery by the Shelby Bash on 3.4.16. Not only that, but we're throwing in: - 2 FREE track days during the Bash - a choice of a FREE helmet or $250 in Shelby SWAG from the store Want to know more or have any specific questions we can help answer? Drop us a note: Sales@Shelby.com 702.942.7325 Have a great holiday. - gs
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