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  1. I was wondering if anybody has tried data logging IAT2 (downstream air temp) on the SCT4. I set up a config. file for coolant temp, IAT and IAT2 on live link. I was able to get everything in F except IAT2, it read in units or something 45K to 55K for example. I read to create a config. file export it to the device and read it on the SCT4. I did that everything was the same. IAT2 would not read in C or F. Any ideas?
  2. Can anybody please point me in the right direction. I would like to find out what production number my particular car is and any other unique things about it. Any help or direction to go in would sure be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  3. I was looking around and didn't see anything but is there a 2010 GT500 Complete brake duct kit. If so does anybody have the P/N by chance.
  4. Hello I'm new here also and was just reading the forum. I just did the ford racing springs in the rear. I didn't realize you had to change the panhard bar and also get a relocation kit for the lower control arm's. My question is how do I go about knowing where to put the new location of the lower control arm? I found how to check the adjustment of the panhard bar and sure enough mines out about a 1/4" or so. I haven't been able to locate anything on the L/C arms. I was wondering if there's a link or an explanation of how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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