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  1. SWEDEMAN, change the Paxton pulley and you can get 10 pound of boost without hurting the engine. You can still use the same belt. PM me when you can thanks Rick
  2. I have a set of rear brake ducts on my SGT, before I chance my lower control arms. Is there a way to remount them to the new control arms. Maybe tie wrap them or have a bracket install? Also how rare are they to find? thanks Rick
  3. I have a set of Shelby rear brake ducts on my car
  4. I had to replace my alternator with the same unit that came from factory. The CV unit had the positive lead on top and would have hit the intake manifold. As we know the alternator doesn't last long on the GTs. also just to let you know replace the alternator on Paxton cars is a day long project. I hope I don't have to do this again.
  5. Kenny Bell Super Charger
  6. Hello Everyone, I want to change my alternator to a higher output unit. Will a unit from a 2007 Crown Vic Police cruiser with a 200 amp Alternator fit my 2007 Shelby GT? I add a new radio system and upgrade my Intercooler with fans, thats the reason why. Does any know if it will fit ? thanks Rick
  7. Steve, Did you ever found out about my? Do you think SAI will make the blue Shelby Performance badge again? Rick
  8. Hey Arants. How much do you want for them? My are getting a little bit worn. I'll take them if the price is right Thanks Rick
  9. Picking up the block from the machine shop today. It was decked and bore .005, just so you guys know. That when the block is honed or bored you need to use Torque plates on the block to keep the cylinders center correctly. pictures on the way few hours
  10. I wish, it was already removed from the car. But I will look for a 2011 to 2014 GT when I'm done with the engine.
  11. I just picked up a 2014 Coyote engine from a total GT mustang hit in the back for $1000.00. The car had less than 18,000 miles when it was total. I plan to take it apart and make it bullet proof, removing the powder metal rods, oil pump gears, crank chain pulley, those cheap bearings and adding forged pistons. I may even send the heads to MMR and have them CNC port the heads add big valves and change the steel valve guides to bronze.
  12. Its is 100% true..... I have 14" brakes with 20" razors and I had to buy a 5 razor wheel for the spare.
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