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  1. Put stock TB back on de tune car and see what happens this will only take you 30 minute I would bet there is an issue with TB My car has done this 1 time I have Ford Racing Twin 65 and tune with Jlt intake My problem was the red clip on left side of TB wasn't pluged in all the way
  2. Dont think so I have a tune on my car and it happen.. I installed my TB but didnt push left side harness clip all the way in..Not sure this was the cause.. It hasnt happen again so only time will tell
  3. I dont understand this part of the sensor http://www.shelbystore.com/Wheel-Sensor-p/shorttpms.htm Shelby said they use this sensor http://www.dormanproducts.com/gsearch.aspx?type=parttype&year=2014&make=Ford&model=Mustang&parttype=Tire%2520Pressure%2520Monitor%2520Sensor&origin=YMM
  4. Jeff do you sell them or can you give me a link where to buy them I just dont want any issues with my car
  5. Robert what is the tire size on your super snake wheels 255/35/20 fronts and 295/35/20 rears??
  6. Tom, Did you get sensors that work yet? If so what did you buy as Im in the same situation for sensors and tires I called Shelby but they didnt really know I was told a short sensor
  7. This happen to my 14 vert Im running FRPP Twin 65. I shut the car off to get gas and it started fine but no acceleration . I shut it down and restarted it 4 times before the problem went away. I did check tb plugs and my left side red clip wasnt pushed in all the way and I have not had the problem since and hoping thats all it was
  8. I ordered a pair of Super Snake wheels from Shelby That they took off a super snake and sent out to be refinished in black they are 20x9.5 front and 20x11 rear but Shelby didnt know the offset.. Once I get them I will see what the offset is as its on the inside of the rim http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-Shelby-Mustang-Super-Snake-Takeoff-Wheel-SET-RARE-OPPORTUNITY-/182050261841?hash=item2a630a8b51:g:Cl4AAOSwQYZWx5ER&vxp=mtr
  9. What wheels are on your car and your offset has to be really high 55 or better Can you send me a close up of your rims please
  10. Is anyone running a 20x11 on the 13/14 GT500 ? If so whats the offset and do they sick out past rear fender? Any photos would be greatly appreciated
  11. Its normal if you dont hack your car up and only put a few minor mods into it. At least here in Chicago If you start putting cams and vaule covers, headers and tearing into the motor sure you will lose a ton of money. I dont do that If I wanted a race car I would buy one. Just looking to upgrade a few parts that the factory should have done in the first place
  12. I have never lost money on any car that I have put mods on.. But I do keep all factory parts and you can eat off any car I own regardless of how many miles it has.....In fact I normally turn a profit on them only time will tell what I will get out of my Shelby... and if I lose money Big Deal at the very least I enjoyed driving it
  13. So your saying if someone changes there intake and throttle body by themself 4 bolts and 4 clamps There going to lose value on there car?
  14. Dealer looked at car again and said No Leak must have came from vent.... Low fuel light was because I top off with car running.... Shut car off this time and low fuel light went to 104 until empty but that still dont seem right... Full tank of gas and only 104 until empty.. What does everyone else read when full?
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