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  1. Has anyone ever tried to put the Shelby Mustang Wheels on the Shelby Dakota? I know the bolt pattern is the same, the back spacing is what I am worried about. My Center caps are brittle and dry rotted, and I lost one on the road the other day, it broke lose, the broke when it hit the road. Think of Upping the Wheel Diameter, 17x8 on the front and 18x10s on the back. Something like that.
  2. ​ ​ ​ BTW, the Strips are Chrome Illusion, Gold/Purple/Green, the Pics are from a few years ago, it was repainted in 2000, Clear Coat is fading, needs to be painted, I will probably go back with the Black Strips, after I I get the Engine redone. The Truck does have the Shelby Phase Two Package. Shelby Phase Two Computer, Headers, 360 TB, and MSD A6 W/MSD Blaster Coil. I still have the Original Roll Bar also.
  3. Proud Owner of #568 Looking for info on the Vauum solenoids in the Air Cleaner, and a diagram of the Vacuum Lines.
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