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  1. Is there any information on this? This would be a great year to go up to lake tahoe
  2. I have a 07 super snake.. Recently my reverse lights are stayin on while in neutral and in drive. I suspect its a reverse light switch.. Has anyone else experience this? Is it an easy fix?
  3. Today about 1pm a 55 year old man driving a Shelby Mustang was killed driving on highway 101 in Paso Robles CA. Is this anyone we know? Let's be careful out there
  4. I think we will leave hear around 730 or so.. That should get us into bako by 10
  5. I am bringing my son as well... I called and they suggested I register myself for all the events add to check out, then add my son separately for the events he will participate in. Guests get the 25$ discount. The guest has to pay registration fee as well but is discounted by 25$. Does that help?
  6. Hararld, I'm coming from San Luis Obispo. Do you want to meet in Paso Thursday morning and head to Bakersfield together?
  7. Jarrod Westerlund and my son David.. GT500 Super Snake. Meeting the NorCal group in Bako
  8. Hotel booked. Coming from San Luis Obispo. Plan to meet the norcal group in Bakersfield.
  9. What is the age requirement for track days? I'm bringing my 11 year old son on the trip. If he can't be in the car with me I'll likely skip track days all together..
  10. I can meet up with you guys in Bako. I'm heading east from SLO
  11. Hi All, My name is Jarrod.. I live in San Luis Obispo CA. I have a 2007 Super Snake. CSM # 07SS0230. I've been lurking on this site for a while now. Hoping to learn a lot as I go. Cheers
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