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  1. My 2008 Gt500 has brand new Nitto tires, stock size front/rear. I'm thinking of changing rims to a retro 5 spoke. Mickey Thompson has one that will fit, but it only comes in 9 and 10.5 inch. I'd like to not buy new tires. My car has Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs on it. So my question is: can I put my tires on a 9 inch front and 10.5 in rear? What kind of height difference occurs from 9.5 to 9 and 9.5 to 10.5? Thanks, Brian
  2. Thanks. Bama identified FBMM0C9 as a stock Ford tune. Stock as in that's what came out of the factory, or stock as in standard modified configurations?? That hit their intelligence level. I have read that Ford may put the stock tune back in during routine maintenance, so that's my concern. I think I'll go ahead and pull a spark plug to see what's in there and then go to your recommendation for a tune. If you ever watch the GT500 build on Americnamuscle.com, the previous owner seemed to have followed their recommendations. Thanks again.
  3. Hi: I bought my 2008 GT500 used last year. It already had a JLT 123mm intake and 2.6" upper Supercharger pulley when purchased. The Carfax shows that the car was serviced in 2014 and the computer reprogrammed at a Ford Dealer in NC. I bought an X4 tuner from SCT and asked for 2 Bama tunes with the criteria based on what mods the car has on it; a 91octane and a 93octane tune. The car won't run on either tune. It barely idles and acts like 4 cylinders are dead if you touch the gas. Here's my dilemma: the Bama guys want to know what my "stock" tune code is. Since the was reprogrammed in 2014 I don't know if what's in there is stock or not. The code is FBMM0C9. Bama told me that is a stock Mustang code. Can anyone tell me if it is a stock code and would Ford modify this code to accept the JLT and pulley, or would they put in a different strategy? I want to make sure I'm getting all I can out of the mods. It doesn't sound like it, but for arguments sake lets say the car also has cams in it. I don't know if that is addressed in the FBMM0C9 code and it is certainly not addressed by Bama. Any information on the FBMM0C9 code is much appreciated. Brian 2008 GT500 Convertible Vapor w/fender strips 27,500 miles
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