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  1. Following this as I'm interested in getting a cover for my KR.
  2. Just got done with a track day with Team Shelby Nationals at Summit Point raceway in WVA. Compared to last year I have added significant HP so I wanted to be confident the brakes were trustworthy at this event. Last year it was new rotors and ceramic pads along w Motul 600 fluid. All went well but there were times I was a bit scared as they felt like they could have done a better job. So this year, new Hawk Pads and resurfaced rotors. Same fluid. Front Hawks were their Street / Race pad and HP plus in the back. Well, the car can stop on a dime and I had a lot of confidence at the track. Now, a day after however on our Team Shelby trip to Carlisle my brakes squeak and even groan! I might have to switch back to my ceramics! Also, the brake dust after the track was thick as can be and a pain to clean. It's a trade off but I wanted stopping power!!
  3. Sorry for the delay in responding! I did get it all done and it's a totally different animal! It's VMP's 820hp kit with a Gen 2R TVS and I used VMP for the tune and said conservative was fine as I'm 58 this year and don't plan on too many all-out races. She hit 660 whp on the dyno and I'm confident I could get it higher but I'm okay with that power--believe me! I have Dynatech LT 1 7/8" tubes, Borla Touring Mufflers (the stock system was SO loud after all this work I couldn't stand it!) which sound Fantastic to me. I went with a 2.5 pulley and stock lower 67mm TB, 56 lb injectors, JLT 123, BAP, Afco Heat Exchanger, McLeod RXT, DSS one piece driveshaft, BMR upper and lowers, Sway Bar, new spark plugs and 93 octane gas. Stock KR rear of 3:73 I am running Michelin Pilot AS3 tires on stock rims. It will break the tires loose at 60mph if I stomp it so one has to be VERY careful with this kind of power. The neat thing about this monster is that you don't need to race it; the power is felt and stares and compliments come each time it's on the road. I love it. What I don't love is watching the gas gauge drop faster than ever (12 mpg or so) !
  4. Sure looking forward to the whole "she-bang" again this year and having a KR will feel extra special this year!
  5. UPDATE on Hagerty: They called me last night to discuss further my car, driving habits, etc. All was going well until I fessed up that although it's not competitive, I mentioned that the Shelby club I was involved with has a track day. Well, that changed his tone. He said unfortunately if that's something I want to do they would not be able to offer me full coverage; only comprehensive. I read above that even Grundy has language in the policy against any "timed events." So what do people do? Take a chance and not admit they occasionally may track their car!!?? Then the next search I guess is for some company that DOES insure fully your car even if you track it from time to time. It actully just occurred to me that one can purchase track insurance. I forgot about that.
  6. After modifying my GT500KR I'm required to inform my insurer, Hagerty. On another board I asked what insurance companies people were using and whether you're admitting to possible modifications that produce far more than stock horsepower. The answers were all over the board with many saying keep your mods hush. God forbid someone was injured from a modified Shelby it's foreseeable that a lawsuit could ensue and should the insurance company learn (and I'm sure they would dig) of the car being modified they could easily deny the claim. If you have a modified Shelby (or even a Super Snake or Shelby1000) are you covered totally and would you mind sharing your recommendations for a company that handles fully your property and liability insurance? Thanks very much.
  7. For what it's worth; at the recommendation of many, to quiet my KR down after adding 200 hp I went with Borla Touring mufflers. It's a gorgeous sound and I'm tickled pink.
  8. Enabler that I am, I gave a close friend a ride in my '09 modified KR and rekindled his spirit for another hot car--specifically a GT500! He's owned some bad boys back in the early '70's so he's no stranger to power. He's in his 60's and doesn't plan on drag racing any; Mainly just enjoying all our Shelby's offer: class, comfort, power! Today we test drove three: 2009 Vert (had a VMP Gen 1 and dealer couldn't say what else); 2012 Vert w 44k miles but clean as a pin, one owner (sweet ride); and 2009 all stock coupe w just 14k miles (had lousy old Goodyear stock tires) I'm not as familiar with the 2011-12 GT500's so appreciate any tips/suggestions/advice. If I recall, these have aluminum blocks with sleeves?? Is that now widely accepted or would you think these are something to steer clear of and stay with an all steel block of '07-09?? I guess I'm asking for your opinions on best years WITHOUT going up to a 2013 or later as budget is a concern here. Thanks!!
  9. ViperNC, Thanks for taking the time to respond and frankly, the thought of going backwards entered my mind too! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone with this and now I just can't wait to drive my car as it's EVERYTHING I've been looking for with all my mods. I'm in Northern Virginia since you asked. Bruce
  10. 2Fords; thanks for chiming in! I know I'm not crazy and I stand by my observation! I love the throttle response I get now!!
  11. UPDATE!!Today, I had a set of Borla Touring mufflers installed. The past two weeks or so of driving the car after all the upgrades has not been very enjoyable primarily because of the LOUD "raspy rattle" I was experiencing. A cold start would shake the neighbor's windows. It was terrible. And, as I mentioned above, I felt there was a real power lag. Well, I cannot emphasize enough what a magnificent transformation these Borla mufflers have made TO THE ENTIRE DRIVING EXPERIENCE AND FEEL OF THE CAR!! I cant explain it but suddenly I have much more responsiveness--or so it seems. Driving it now is a thrill!! It has tons of power of course and just getting rid of the obnoxious "rattle" has changed this car immeasurably!!Has anyone else experienced this!?? I'm thrilled to no end!!
  12. Justin, thanks for the very logical response and it makes perfect sense. I guess my builder / Tuner was content with the out of box tune. I'll be at Carlisle this Spring so perhaps I can make an appointment with VMP to fine tune the car further. Bruce
  13. JT, I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience that! I thought I was nuts. I mean, my stock KR was amazing at low RPM's in terms of "get up and go" in a very predictable and controllable way! I'll keep you posted.
  14. A few weeks ago my '09 KR power conversion was completed (VMP Gen2R; BAP; 2.5 pulley, 67mm TB, JLT 123 CAI, 1 7/8 LT, Catted X Pipe, DSS one piece Alum DS, Heat Exchanger, BMR upper and Lower CA; Panhard bar, JLT oil catcher and MGW Shifter). It's a stock 3:73 rear. I think I've done most everything right and Friday I'm putting Borla Touring mufflers on as I'm not thrilled with the noise it's making!!My question, and I think I read something on this in a thread; is it normal that I feel "less response" at around town driving?? Sounds crazy I know as it's now 658whp. Now I can definitely tell that when the rpms come up, it's BRUTAL!! It will break my 285's loose in 3rd gear easily. Scary in a way but I miss the lower RPM "torque" the car had when stock!! Has anyone else experienced this!?? Would going to a 2.4 pulley give me the torque and improved low RPM throttle response I'm missing?? I Run 93 octane and it was a VMP tune. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions and advice! The parts are still arriving, I did spring for one piece aluminum driveshaft and BMR upper and lower CA's. JLT passenger side catch can too. An issue where I'm confused is the tune. I was under the impression this 720 hp kit from VMP came with a tune (I mean, how can you achieve such results WITHOUT one!). Still, I'm learning and now see that that's an extra $200-$250 and I wish the salesperson had done a better job "selling" (informing) me with, " Hey, you're gonna love this kit but let's talk about the tune you'll need to go with it." I'm in Northern VA and I know there are some VERY competent shops that build street/strip cars. I'm guessing THEY will have the necessary recommendations and can furnish a tune?? I hear Lund tunes are superb but then I hear the ones from VMP are the way to go. I'd love to learn more on this part of upgrading. Thanks in advance!!
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