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  1. I restored my 2007 GT-H convertible #242 which required a repaint and stripe kit. I was unable to locate new windshield wiper nozzles for the deep draw hood. None at SPP or any other supplier I could find on-line. I ended up using $10 generics from O'Reilly that while not correct fit the hole and look okay. If anyone knows where to get correct nozzles, please pass it on. Another problem part is finding the simulated front brake vent bezels for the front air dam as mine are cracked. I think these bezels are also on the GT/SC. Where can I get these bezels? And finally, when I wash the car, water is accumulating inside the deep draw hood. When I raise the hood I hear the water sloshing around inside. I suspect water is coming in around the windshield wiper nozzles or behind the simulated grill at the base of the deep draw hood's inverse scoop. Are there supposed to be drainage holes in the hood to let that water out and if so, where?
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