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  1. Thanks for the help. I took the suggestions and made a long list. Now with the help of this site and the internet, I am going to do my best to research each one so I can prioritize. I doubt I can get it all done for $7K, so some of it may have to come down the road.
  2. That looks great. Can I do all that with my budget? I am trying to narrow the shops down, but should probably ask them.
  3. Any guess what that suspension will cost installed? What kind of HP gain should I expect? Thx
  4. I have had some interesting performance cars, but never a supercharger before. I have always worked with naturally aspirated engines, so this is all new to me. One of the attractions to this car was the easy cheap HP upgrade with the pulley and cold air kit. Is the TVS the entire Supercharger? or just an upgraded part?. What type of gains would you expect to see swapping it out. Are you suggesting this for bang for the buck HP, or for reliability? Or something else?
  5. I'm looking for advice since I'm new to Fords and GT500's. I want to take a new to me 2008 stock low mile GT500 and pump it up. I have $5-7K to spend. I won't be taking it to the track. HP and traction are the most important. I don't mind lowering it a little (1"), but only if it will make a big difference. It will be a Sunday driver only. I'm leaning toward the following, but haven't priced it out with any shops yet.; Cold air intake, Pulley upgrade with tune. Clutch/flywheel upgrade since I have the original. Control arms Shifter upgrade Royal Purple Tranny fluid Oil Separator Thermostat Am I missing any important upgrades? Is anything on the list not important? What else can I afford with my budget? All opinions welcome. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, looking for recommended shop in the Sacramento CA area. Trying to get some performance upgrades to a new to my 2008 GT500. I'm new to Fords and the GT500s. Been on the dark side (Camaro & Vettes) all my life, but couldn't resist the 500HP and reasonable mods to get to 600+. Thx Al
  7. Thanks for the info. I was thinking maybe there was some known issue about 07's that I didn't want. I am looking a little harder and there were a few more factors I wasn't understanding. Seems to be a combination of some mods and a few asking prices probably a little higher than realistic. I'll keep looking and find the right combination of condition, miles and mods. Thanks again.
  8. I am looking for my first Shelby GT500. I like the 2007-2009 the best. I can't understand the big price swings from 2007 to 2009. $5-8K or more for the same vehicle, same condition and miles with different years. I am finding several nice 2007's for the high 20's, but jump to mid 30's for 2008 and 2009. What am I missing?Is it just coincidence in my area? I'm in Nor Cal. Thanks Al
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