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  1. Ordered mine January. Still have not received.
  2. There where tr6 already in. But pretty bad they were.
  3. Tr6 really made a difference.
  4. Alright, ordered new intake. C&L, see how this works
  5. I watch these mod video and listen to help horse power. I will pick up stock plugs. Monday tuner, c&l intake and plugs should be here. It has 2.4 super charger pulley. Ty
  6. I'm an idiot. I m not tuned yet
  7. I want to I stall NGK V-power TR6. In my 2014 gt500. Anyone know the correct gap for this ?
  8. I'm going to trt OEM filter with timed run and then put fresh oil k&n filter. Timing both filters. Feels a little better so far. Haven't ran it yet. Test drive and gas
  9. K&N got back to me very fast. I used recharge kit on it and it's good as new. Think the Shelby needs too much air to run with that filter. I will put this newly recharged one on and see how it goes..
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