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    I have a 1967 sunbeam tiger Mark II that is being refreshed as we speak, I drove it 20,000 miles plus until I got my GT500. My other Mark II sold at Mecum last year. I travel with my grandchildren as much as I possibly can.
  1. Good morning if you still have your raptor for sale I would be interested @ pics would be greatly appreciated. I hope you had a great thanksgiving. Lee
  2. Combining the mileage from both my 2014 Shelbys I have owned I now have over 105,000 miles not counting the over 100,000 I put on my two 2007 GT500's.
  3. Good morning Torched very interesting article thanks for submitting it, the fact that it mentions Tigers only added to the article's interest for me.
  4. I finally am able to show a pic of Ruby with polished wheels.
  5. Well Ruby has 34,000 miles on her now would have more but left it with my daughter and grandkids for the summer.
  6. The current milage on Ruby now is over 34,000 miles it would have more but I left it with my daughter for the summer to enjoy with my 3 grandchildren. I am sure it was quite a sight 3 seeing a GT500 with recaro baby seats going down the highway with the top down headed for Wal Mart and Costco. I drove her truck back a 2003 FX4 I bought new and gave to her over ten years ago and had the wheels chromed and new headlights and had faded grill and step rubber replaced that will teach her to let me take her truck again. She had a wonderful time and the kids loved it also I will do the same thing next year.
  7. After over a year since he posted on another forum I just contacted the New owner he was so complimentary on the condition of the car for the miles it had over 60,000 he thought it only had a few thousand when he saw it. He was so happy to know that he will be receiving the original window sticker and service receipts since new and pics of it on the showroom floor and a magazine it was featured in recently.
  8. The 13/14 have mast cover for antenna on rear as far as size I do not know and I believe on my 07 you could read the rear plate when it was on. Lee
  9. In one year I have put over 25,000 miles on this 2014 vert in a little over two years I put 60,000 on the other 2014 vert. I am 71 I will never have to say I wish I would have enjoyed it more rain sleet or snow bring it on I am loving it. Tiger Lee
  10. First let me thank you for the video it is greatly appreciated. The only thing replaced were tires about every 25,000 miles not a problem with anything else. It drove and felt the same as the very first day I bought it. It is hard to believe but that car would have over 85,000 miles on it now if I would have kept it. I hope eventually that someone will recognize the car and let him know about the paper work I have. thanks Lee
  11. I traded in my 2014 Shelby gt500 convertible Race Red In April 2016 it has completely stock except for polished wheels which make it stand out. The I.D. number is 1ZVBP8KZ7E5261812. The new owner tried to contact me on another forum by PM but I had no luck entering. I believe his name is Mark. I have all work order's and original window sticker etc, and I believe he would like to have them. If anyone can help please let me know. Lee
  12. My first 2014 Shelby vert I purchased in Columbus, Wisconsin in late Nov 2013 with 6 miles I drove my 07 there I like high horsepower snowmobiles I quess, when I traded it in April 2016 it had 60,000. I traded for another 14 vert which had 491 miles it now has over 23,000 miles on it rain, sleet or snow away we go. I am having my Sunbeam tiger Mark II completely redone then I think the GT500 will find a new home and I will pile miles on the Tiger like I used to it is my old friend of decades. I am 71 and everyday I drive it I appreciate it more then when I was young driving for I know I am at the last gas station before the desert.
  13. Well i traded my 14 vert in on another 14 vert in April of this year. The original 14 had almost 60,000mi on it and was race red, the present one had 491mi when I purchased and is ruby red and now has 18,000 miles. This is the fourth gt500 I have driven and enjoyed and I hope I live long enough to enjoy a few more.
  14. The newer one does not have the suspension package so it rides much differently. My other Shelby felt just as tight the day I traded as the day I bought it new with 6 miles on it.
  15. I thought I would let you all know Thanks to Chris at DeNooyer Chevrolet I traded my 14 vert with almost 60,000 miles on her and received one with only 491 miles, he made it seem easy thanks. I had the complete front end covered with a clear bra at eco-tint in Las Vegas in one day as promised and it is invisible thanks. I then took my wheels to Steve at Sin City also in Las Vegas, this is the second set of wheels he has polished and clear coated for me thanks. By the way Ruby as we call her already has over 7,000 on her and she tells me she loves being out on the road all the time. Thanks
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