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  1. Yeah, I learned from my Twitter feed that this event was canceled. There was a time when this forum meant something.
  2. Well damn, this is right by me and would have been nice to have known about. If only TS kept a master calendar of all Shelby-related events
  3. Sad really. It's all the cars that we saw on Saturday that were behind the velvet rope. Not sure why there is any urgency to separate this collection and remove it from Gardena
  4. My Shelby is covered by a AAA policy as a Shelby GT500. Granted, it's stock so I don't know if they would cover it with all of the high horse mods. Hagerty covers some antique motorcycles and VWs that I have and they are all 'agreed value' policies. Never had an issue. I did give them the opportunity to insure the Shelby when I first got it, but the agent on the phone was questioning the amount of miles that I planned to drive, and since I had no idea at the time, she politely told me to go elsewhere. Hagerty seemed to be far more interested if it was a weekend show-car only.
  5. This year's renewal was much smoother. Brianna emailed me for a tshirt size within 24 hours of my on-line renewal. The package arrived a few days later. I didn't need to hunt anyone down this year, so that part was good and they shipped from Gardena and not Vegas. The contents of the kit are also very nice. Kudos to Brianna and her team.
  6. If you're in SoCal, try to make the upcoming Shelby birthday celebration at the Peterson. It's always a lot of fun and several of us will be there https://petersen.org/shelby-birthday-cruise/
  7. groop

    WANTED :

    You may want to contact Dow Chemicals as they purchase R&H several years ago and they have an extensive library or archives. Long shot, but it's probably more likely than finding a copy here.
  8. The Marti report would have this, but as Steven mentions, I don't know if that is information for the public to obtain. My Marti report shows the following dates: Date order received Car serialized date Bucked Scheduled for Build Actually built Released Sold The good news is that 1/6/14 was a Monday, so there is at least a chance you can find one. I am especially interested in your quest. I had a 1965 Chevy truck because I was born that year and I thought it would be cool to have something from my birth year. My neighbor inherited a 1965 Chevy truck from his dad, the original owner. His truck came with the build sheet, and you guessed it, rolled off the assembly line the exact day I was born. What are the odds, right? 50 some-odd years and just 4 houses away. I've already told him that he is to sell it to nobody other than me if he ever parts with it.
  9. 1. This will depend greatly on how many miles you plan to drive the car. I contacted Hagerty when I bought my car, and they have an 'agreed value' plan. I suspect other insurers may have something similar. Of course there are the usual restrictions on where you plan to keep the car as well. I suspect in SD you have a garage. 2. Call around. I found that AAA was very inexpensive. Again, without knowing your age, your driving record, or other factors it is hard to do an internet assessment 3 I take my car to Ford. I feel it's worth having the dealer records in the long term. However, I do my own basic maintenance like oil changes.
  10. If you look where the floor jack is in the video, it's under the center rear of the car which is higher than the rockers. This would allow the car to rest on the rotor and the jack removed. I cannot explain why they didn't set the car on something else, but perhaps it's because there wasn't something else available. But if you look closely at 0:02, there are two jack stands plainly visible in the bed of the white pickup truck. If you've ever tried to jack up a Shelby you know that there is not much room to slip under a standard floor jack. Even less so if there is flat. You've got to jack them up wherever you can. I'm guessing the Kode's engine served as the 'jack point' for this exercise
  11. Makes me wonder how much much better the store could be, how much better the charity could be, if someone dedicated more time to tackle the high shipping expenses
  12. I don't know, but read the article and watch the video for yourself if you like. My guess is that the car probably doesn't have a jack or a spare and a passerby had a large jack available http://www.tmz.com/2017/09/10/jay-leno-luxury-car-tire-trouble/?adid=TMZ_Search_Results
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