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    Motorcycling, Restoring Racing Bicycles, Performance Cars. Vietnam Veteran, Former Combat Medic. Retired Psychiatric Social Worker. Very active in Veteran Organizations.Currently, Executive Director, Garry Owen House (Homeless Shelter for Veterans)

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  1. My Shelby GT is Black with Silver stripes and is # 07SGT4708. Will send pictures when I learn how to put them on a computer. I'm a late learner to computers (age 76). It is more important to enjoy the car. I drove from Belfast, Maine to Seattle WA this past summer. It is definitely a Grand Touring Car. The last time I went cross country was in 1966 with a 500cc BMW Motorcycle. The trip with the Shelby was much more comfortable and just as much fun. I still ride motorcycles and have a Honda NT 700 and a 1981 Yamaha 650 Cafe Racer..
  2. Thanks for the input. I got an American Muscle Catalog in the mail and they have the Power Stop Evolution kits available at a reasonable price. I will see the man at our local speed shop and see if he can order the kit and install it as soon as the snow clears. I bought a 2017 Ford Escape SE and it has twice the braking power the Shelby has. A lot of technology has happened in the past 11 years. I was told that there is an 07 Shelby GT in Bangor ME that has 6 piston Brembo Calipers in front and 4 piston calipers in the rear. He stops on a dime and gets back change. I suspect that his modification was quite expensive. I would settle for adequate brakes. The ones I have now are dismal.
  3. I have a 2007 Shelby GT-CSM-4708. The car is totally stock. I would like to replace the brakes with something more responsive. The brakes on my 2017 Ford Escape are better. The problem I foresee is that the space between the calipers and the wheel is so small that replacing the brakes with Wilwood or Brembo could pose a problem. The stock brakes are not worn. The car only has 13,000 miles on the clock.
  4. I just got a 2007 Shelby GT CSM07SGT4708. The car is in mint condition and only has 4100 miles on the odometer. I'll be taking it to our local high performance shop to have all the fluids changed and change to Iridium Spark Plugs. The car has been a "Trailer Queen" that spent most of its time in shows. I think that I will be driving it in good weather and storing it in my heated Bike Shop. I am looking forward to learning about this wonderful car on this forum.
  5. I just bought a 2007 Shelby GT numbers matching, with 4020 original miles on the odometer. It is the 5 speed Manual Transmission Model. Looking forward to communicating with other Shelby Mustang Owners.
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