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  1. I thought I had that book around but have been unable to find it. Additionally, my copy came from the team Shelby store and was of course signed. Maybe it's a different book I am thinking of.
  2. Flat black, thought they were supposed to look like that? Try ebay first. Good luck.
  3. I agree with Jeff. Maybe if you were desperate for some parts for a classic.
  4. Happy Birthday! Your legacy lives on!
  5. I sold an unsigned one last year for 500. I have one left. You might get up to 2000. They weigh enough that you don’t need anything on the bottom.
  6. I got the JLT painted intake and had trouble with it slipping out of the rubber coupler at high heat. Ended up buying the black one.
  7. Send a PM to "twobjshelbys" here on the boards.
  8. You never see this many anymore, not even in Vegas.
  9. Anyone have a spare 7R3Z-6304338-CA airbag cover laying around? Yes, I know Tasca has them just checking here first.
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