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  1. Pretty sure they only came with fronts. Some of us bought regular Mustang ones for the back.
  2. I ordered a new 07 gt/cs, sold it for a 07 gt 500, as far as easy and fun the gt/cs is a better choice.
  3. I can’t see the pic on my phone but this thread sounds like my pics. Will message you later today.
  4. I thought I had that book around but have been unable to find it. Additionally, my copy came from the team Shelby store and was of course signed. Maybe it's a different book I am thinking of.
  5. Flat black, thought they were supposed to look like that? Try ebay first. Good luck.
  6. I agree with Jeff. Maybe if you were desperate for some parts for a classic.
  7. Happy Birthday! Your legacy lives on!
  8. I sold an unsigned one last year for 500. I have one left. You might get up to 2000. They weigh enough that you don’t need anything on the bottom.
  9. I got the JLT painted intake and had trouble with it slipping out of the rubber coupler at high heat. Ended up buying the black one.
  10. Send a PM to "twobjshelbys" here on the boards.
  11. You never see this many anymore, not even in Vegas.
  12. Anyone have a spare 7R3Z-6304338-CA airbag cover laying around? Yes, I know Tasca has them just checking here first.
  13. Try to order one from Ford, the 07's are still available.
  14. Yes, know the feeling!
  15. Not to hijack this thread but I have an 85th birthday cobra, contact if interested.
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