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  1. Update, after getting the MMR short block installed and getting package tune to self learn and mild detonation at load to stop, The computer crapped out. I got a sneaky suspicion a computer glitch caused a misfire near BDC and took out #5 piston/rod. Ford put a new one in for free due to emissions but it took 2 months to get a new computer made up = Ford had NONE in the country.
  2. I have a really nice low mile 500 in the classifieds - red vert/black stripes 2010 with 2.9 whipple upgrade.............
  3. Just got the new computer! It had to be manufactured by Ford's supplier because they have ZERO computers in stock in the NATION!!!!!!!! Oh well, it is now new and off to FRPP for the 750HP 2.9L Whipple tune to be burned in.
  4. 2010 - to buy a 750HP GT500 like this new it's about $80k. Mine has 11,000 miles on it it and has one rock paint chip that was repaired so the car is flawless. I have it for sale on here actually and am asking $39k and bet Ford would offer me less than I'm willing to take. They are replacing the computer for free because it's part of the emissions warranty. I asked about them supplying one from a wrecked car, but was told any used part would void my warranties going forward. They did move it inside and covered it, which was a really nice gesture.
  5. So, my car was having intermittent starting issues, then finally it won't start and the EEC flashes out a PATS code 16 which is a PATS Comm failure. So I have it towed to my Ford dealer. They call me and tell me the computer is shot and will be replaced under warranty, problem is Ford has zero computers anywhere and the part has to come from the supplier. It's been a month and NO guess on an ETA fr the part!!!!!! WTF????????
  6. how did they find the bent axle? do a runout on the shaft in or out of the diff?
  7. As a final post - the #5 rod let go. Luckily the piston wedged into the bottom of the bore and the heads/blower were just fine.
  8. He ordered the MMR 1000HP 5.4 short block with billet pump, Manley H beam rods, ARP head studs, Extreme duty Fel Pro gaskets. About to go in. I've read these engine REALLY don't like bouncing off the limiter due to rod bolts and powdered metal gears in the oil pump.
  9. Thanks guys, Ford said since he was not the original owner (2nd) that and the fact it's the years and not the miles (8,800), he gets the middle finger salute. He's owned the car for ~18 months so it's unlikely the previous owner hurt it. He's never raced it on the strip or street but have done spirited driving - nothing that would cause rods to give way. MMR has a 1,000 HP short block for $3,500 so we are going to pull heads and see if they are damaged. Sucks ... Ford SVU mechanic verified the tune was correct for this blower kit at 16 psi.
  10. Forgot to add, the SVT Tech verified the correct tune was in the computer...........
  11. So a club friend who has a 2010 GT500 Coupe with the FRPP 2.9l upgrade experienced engine failure this last Halloween giving a ride to a 10yo boy. The car is a two owner car, him being the second and a woman being the first. Car has 8,8xx miles on it, has always had 93+ octane gas used, oil was changed with Ford 5w-50 oil and has never been raced in any form. This boy was drooling over the car and asked for a ride, so he took him for one and after getting on the main road did a rolling punch from second gear - at about 4k rpm he says he heard a pop and miss so he clutched the car, saw some vapor and shut the ignition off, costing into a parking lot. I went with him to the dealer where it got towed. We talked to the service writer who took us to the SVT Tech in the shop. Due to a relatively small amount of water/oil on the ground the next day, he thought he popped a head gasket but the SVT tech said he'd never seen one loose a gasket or engine failure - he thought that the oil cooler on the driver side probably failed "or something stupid like that". So the next day the Tech gets the car on the rack and finds two small holes on both sides of the block??? The writer sent the below pic taken by the SVT Tech. The dealer seems not willing to pursue contacting SVT due to "age", not miles. They told him nothing can be rebuilt and that they suggest total engine replacement with a new engine for $22,000. They also said if the blower is damaged, it can't be rebuilt and will be another $7,000 or so. I think they just want to maximize the profit and get it done as quick as possible in the shop. He's like so sick and bummed he's not doing much but having it towed back to his house. My question is does anyone have or know of a similar experience? Anybody have a contact we could pursue at SVT? The SVT Tech said he has never seen one of these engines blow while working for Ford. He was very surprised.
  12. Little late, but thanks a bunch - got a curb rashed wheel replaced.
  13. Little late, but I bought a fully optioned 5,500 mi 2010 GT500 with FRPP 2.9L upgrade and forged Shelby wheels for $41k about a year ago.
  14. Hey, first post - great forum for Shelby-ites !! I have the 2010 GT500 vert in my sig. It has upgraded rims and a 2.9L Whipple. I let my son drive it about two months ago and he is used to the 88 GT vert I gave him, so parking along side a street resulted in curb rash to the front right rim. They are 20" Shelby forged rims. Been looking without luck to find a source to buy one or two spares. Can anybody point me in some direction? Knowing a name designation for this style rim could help me as well. Thanks, Tom
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